Battle of the Bloodlines

Is Vince As Bad as He Appears to Be?

Flashback to episode 1: Bananas and Vince looked like the team to beat. They were ran laps around the competition during the Water Battle competition.

Then the bloodlines were placed on opposite teams. This was Vince’s chance to shine and prove Bananas wasn’t carrying him. Instead, he shined as bright as a rusty spoon.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 8.02.14 PM

Let’s take a look at some of the challenges:

  • Meet Me Halfway- He fell
  • Air to the Throne- Sat in an inner tube. Literally did nothing.
  • Family Connection- Blue team lost. He wasn’t notably good or bad.
  • Hand Me Down- He fell midway crossing the ropes
  • Too Clingy- Decided to only use arms. Fell.
  • Air Pockets- Made it to the first air pocket. Then disqualified.

Overall, his performance has been awful. In fact, I can honestly say Brianna has been a better competitor. For someone with his physique, I expected him to be one of the best bloodlines. Add in the fact that he has been trained by Johnny Bananas, and the fact that he consistently DQs is a big disappointment.

However, we can’t ignore the fact that he has no motivation to win. His performance is so bad that it seems like he couldn’t possibly be that bad. Perhaps, he has been throwing challenges all along. Johnny may have enough allies on the blue team that knows Vince will not get thrown into The Pit while he has enough control on the red team that he can ensure they will not send in Vince. This could all be a ploy to get to the end.

What do you think? Is Vince really that bad, or is this all just Bananas working the system.


  1. Vince has flopped every mission but the first one. Hey Mr. the future is micheal can you make a post about how Cara maria is totaling dominatiog this game

  2. Okay, but what explains his performance in the endurance challenge when they were paired with their partner again, he was sucking still, was he throwing it for Bananas then?

  3. This is just proof that you can work out as much as you’d like, but physique doesn’t change athleticism/talent. Vince just seems like a guy that puts in time at the gym that doesn’t translate to being a strong competitor. He’s a huge example of that. This isn’t the first or last time we’ll see somebody that “looks” like a strong competitor crumble. Vince is no Bananas, but I may be jumping to conclusions and I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what he does on Rivals III.

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