Battle of the Bloodlines

Are The Girls a Threat In the Final?

It’s no secret that endurance is a huge factor in the final challenge. This week, we saw a Challenge centered around endurance running that the girl teams killed it. Going into the final, it looks like we may have new threats to look out for.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 8.31.02 PM

Throughout this entire season, we’ve seen people like Johnny and Cara Maria dominate the competition. While Jenna and Aneesa had decent performances, and Brianna exceeded expectations, it seemed unlikely that they would pose a huge threat to the competition. During the Weight For Me, the cast got a taste of the final. With checkpoints, endurance running, and carrying heavy objects, it seemed likely we’d get an idea of who would perform well in the final.

To everyone’s surprise, Aneesa and Rianna took an early lead. They were able to pass by Bananas and Vince, Cara Maria and Jamie, and Cory and Mitch with ease. When Rianna got stuck during a checkpoint, Jenna and Brianna stole the lead. These are the teams many people thought would be easy to beat (AKA, the “lay-ups”), but the proved to be a real threat to the vets. While neither of the teams won, it was because another newbie, Mitch, took victory from under everyone’s noses.

Going into the final, it seems like Jenna, Brianna, Aneesa, and even Rianna are not going to be as easy to defeat as once believed. Looking back, Jenna was incredibly slow during the Battle of the Exes 2 finale and Aneesa lagged behind everyone during The Duel 2 finale. Either the veterans are slacking, or these two have put in some serious training.

Do you think Cara Maria and Cory should be scared of these girls, or was the last challenge just a fluke?


  1. Not theses girls. While their showing was impressive last week, the final is still a whole different type of animal. Plus the weight was significantly lighter than the guys weight on the challenge. I’m giving the edge to Cara Maria and Jamie for this final

    1. They impressed me , but i think both teams have anchors that are going to stop them from winnin… ( briana and Rianna.

  2. If there was a food or swimming part of the challenge it would of been a different outcome. Those two things are now always part of a final which can show people’s weaknesses.

    1. Yeah but its way harder for a girl to pull 40 pounds than it is for a guy too. would you want it to be even cause if it was you would have said it was in the guys favor. If they would have a set pounds for everyone like they guys 75 pounds the only girl i see being able to carry and still be in the top 3 is Cara Maria

  3. The post should be about how Cara Maria and Jamie are the biggest threat going to the final. Jenna and briana did good but i just dont see them being motivated enough to finish the final. Cory and mitch , i cant believe im saying this but cory is weighing mitch down with his acl injury . Anessa is a good compietor but with her cousin i just dont see them being able to win this. If i had to predict i would say 1st. CM and Jamie
    2. Jenna and Brianna 3.) Cory and Mitch

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