Battle of the Bloodlines Ratings

Battle of the Bloodlines: Episode 12 Ratings

This season, we saw the final challenge get split into 2 clean episodes. Apparently, demand was not strong.

According to TVByTheNumbers, this episode was viewed by 730,000 people and received a rating of 0.4 in the 18-49 demographic.

This is about average fore the season. Hopefully viewers aren’t too worn out by this 13 episode season to watch the final.


  1. Not even one episode broke the million mark this season. BMP have lost a lot of viewers and next season won’t be any different. Ive been watching since Gauntlet 1, but I just don’t care about the challenge like I used to.

  2. The cast is basically all next generation. The only cast member I recognize most seasons is Johnny, and that’s because I think he’s been on every season, right? Okay, well I am exaggerating a little, I do recognize other castmates and I know Johnny hasn’t been on EVERY season.

    But honestly, feel the same as Tancredi T, I just find myself not caring anymore. Most of my favorite castmates are no longer on the show, and most of these new cast they’ve found to replace them are some of the dumbest, trashiest people alive and it makes the show just about unwatchable.

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