Battle of the Bloodlines

Could Jenna & Brianna Be Our Next Champions?

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 6.42.08 PM

Part one of the Battle of the Bloodlines finale brought the shock of the century, Jenna and Brianna are in first. As it stands right now, they have a real she at winning.

After Battle of the Exes 2, few people thought Jenna would ever make it to another final, but she made it. Then, most people assumed she was destined for last place, but right now she’s in first.

It looks like Jenna may be the underdog we’ve been waiting for, and that’s a scary thought for Cara Maria who has been waiting 8 seasons to get her first victory.

Base on the preview, the events in the second half of the final seem typical: kayaking, running, sleeping on unusual surfaces, and eating barely edible food. I wouldn’t expect Jenna and Brianna to outperform anyone in these categories, but last week’s challenge has forced me to see them in a different light. Kayaking and endurance running? They can certainly hold their own. Sleeping on uncomfortable surfaces? They should be fine, although Mitch will perform best here. Eating unusual foods? They probably will suck, but if the beer drinking checkpoint is any indication Cara Maria will suck as well. I’m sure we’ll also have some random check points, but they stand as much of a chance as anyone else because they really are random.

On top of this all, they will likely have some type of advantage going into the second half of the final, although it probably won’t be as large of an advantage as they truly earned.

Who do you think will pull out the win?


  1. They did really good and they surpised me. But im stil waiting for that Cara Maria post that talks about her total domonation in the game . I mean whether you like her or not she has been killing this challenge.

  2. If i didn’t know the results,, because i was actually there when the final was taking place i would say jenna and bri could win… but hey were not done just yet.. so keep your socks on beacause its going to be a long one

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