Battle of the Bloodlines

Battle of the Bloodlines: Top Moments from Episode 13

Here we go, the second half of the final challenge.

1. Food For Thought

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 6.12.24 PM

The dreaded eating portion, and everyone is given multiple dishes to eat. These include: blood soup, some sort of sausage, some sort of tongue, and pig lard. For every dish left unfinished, 5 minutes are added to your final time. Everyone struggles, except Jamie who eats everything and asks for the recipe. Jamie and Cara Maria are the only team to finish everything. Mitch and Cory leave 2 dishes (10-minute penalty) and Jenna and Brianna leave 6 dishes (30-minute penalty).

2. Subway Sleepers

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 6.17.26 PM

I the overnight portion, the cast must “wait for the train” in a confined box while holding briefcases. No briefcase can touch the ground, but one teammate can sleep if the other holds both. Everyone complains about being tired, some people sleep, and no one drops the bag. Yawn.

3. Water Lagged

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 6.25.28 PM

The cast must kayak 10 miles, and most people and despite the fact that kayaking has been in 20 final challenges, most people are shocked by this. Cara Maria and Jamie get their rhythm rather quickly, though Cara Maria demands words of encouragement to stay synchronized. This results in them completing this stage first. Mitch and Cory never quite get their rhythm, but they finish second. Brianna and Jenna spend more time in the branches than moving forward, so they finish last.

4. The Final Piece

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 6.27.32 PM

The last stage is a two-parter. Finish a puzzle so all of the rows, columns and diagonals add to the same sum using numbers 1-9 (note: 15 is the magic number, and they’ve used this puzzle on the Challenge since the original Fresh Meat. Mitch, of course, figures out the puzzle quickly so he and Cory are the first to moved onto the second part, which is 8 laps around an Olympic track. Cara Maria and Jamie finish second, and Jenna and Brianna never finish the puzzle, so they get the max time and finish in third.

5. The Winner Is…

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 6.34.49 PMThe times of all stages are added together, and Cara Maria and Cousin are declared the winners. While Jenna and Brianna went into the second part of the final with a lead, they kept coming in last, so ultimately they finished third. Cory and Mitch come in second. Much like Paula and Sarah, the 8th try proves to be lucky for Cara Maria… but she FINALLY wins!


  1. I am sure the producers had some problems trying to make it even with a team of guys, a co-ed team and a girls team…but that didn’t make it interesting! major snozefest!

    Was the reunion worth watching? Or was it just Cara crying and Abram yelling and acting indignant?

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