Rivals 3

Rivals 3 Trailer!

VIVA MEXICO!!! MTV have realized the Rivals 3 Trailer, and confirmed the air date of May 4th! You can view it here: TRAILER


I will be posting a thorough breakdown of the trailer soon, but until then enjoy watching it on repeat!


  1. Hahaha new generation of the Challenge? Trust me there’s no next generation with all these muppets from AYTO. Their just one of a lot of things that’s wrong with the challenge. Never thought I’ll say this but I’m done watching this show.

  2. There’s nothing to look forward to this season. Half the cast is ayto, Johnny is back again with Sarah (only completion is Wes and nany but I don’t see them winning a lot), there are no legit rivalries at all, and with what happened to the production this season and the ratings of the challenge and the real world I would be shocked if the challenge gets renewed.

  3. I’m disappointed. I don’t want any of the AYTO cast on the Challenge, I’m totally sick of Johnny and they keep bringing the same people on over and over. I will watch the show but I don’t think there is much to look forward to that we haven’t already seen. I want the old school Challenges back. I’m sure there are other cast members from Real World and Road Rules that would like to be on the show. I wish they would cast some of those people.

  4. Things wrong with the challenge…
    – Adding random nobodies from a different show.
    – Bringing in boring bloodlines who contributed nothing
    – Same old veterans
    – rivals & exes being paired off with hardly any history between them
    – lame daily missions and elimination rounds.

    The Challenge is on life support right now and I’ll be shocked if MTV renews the show and especially the real world

  5. can you guys just shut up complaing and be glad were going to be seeing one of the best shows on tv again.

  6. Unpopular opinion: We are not going to get any “old school” challengers back, they have moved on with their lives and done with reality tv. Cast like Leroy, Camila, Nany, Jenna, and Johnny Reilly are going to be your main cast every season or every other season. I admit seeing Bananas every season is getting a bit repetitive. I hope I’m wrong but I think we are done seeing the likes of Paula, Jasmine, Theresa, Emily, Jordan, and CT. It’s nice to Wes, Sarah, Kelly Anne, Cara Maria, and Aneesa every few seasons. I think they are trying to get cast like Cory, Thomas, Tony, Vince, Dario, Christina, and Jessica to become regulars as well.

    1. I agree with you. I have been watching the show for over a decade, and the show was intended to have a revolving door of cast members. Sure, you’ll have repeats and regulars, but the show was not intended to be the CT or Bananas show. We need to place focus on newer people.

  7. There is a lot of complaining I personally enjoy the show every season. And people hate on bananas but the show wouldn’t be entertaining at all if he wasn’t there… And Wes being there is sure to be some fireworks between the two…

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