Rivals 3

Will “Are You The One?” Dominate Rivals 3?

Are You the One? has been present on the two prior Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 and Battle of the Bloodlines. While fans have mixed reactions toward their inclusion on the show, the cast members have never really made it past the half way mark. The most successful team thus far. Adam and Brittany on Exes 2, even gained some fans for being underdogs who defeated some decent competitors.

Rivals 3 sees a bigger presence of Are You the One? than any prior season. Is this their opportunity to shine?


If the AYTO kids, along with other rookies, band together they have a lot of numbers on their side. This many be enough to get a veteran to go into an elimination and avoid being thrown in. Numbers are often the most important thing in this game, so having a lot of them on your side will only be a benefit. Of course, this assumes they can get their act together and implement these votes, and that may be an issue for these wild rookies.

There’s also the possibility the AYTO kids could be strong. No one stands out as a huge physical presence, but there have been surprises on these shows. Add in the fact that most challenges don’t require a lot of physical strength, and there’s a decent chance at least one AYTO kid could win a mission.

Of course, it only takes Wes about 20 minutes to start talking to the rookies. Perhaps he will promise safety to a couple of teams if they vote his way. In a game where only one team wins, that’s not a bad deal. However, it would prevent the power that AYTO unity would have.

There’s no guarantee that an AYTO kid will win, or make it to the final, or even make if far in the game. However, this seems like it could be the season where AYTO has a presence and starts to win. If the trend continues of a newbie making it to the final, then AYTO has a good chance.

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