Rivals 3

5 Reasons To Watch Rivals 3

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It’s that time again! A new Challenge is coming. With all of the buzz around this season, and all of the new and old cast members coming back, I may not need to convince you to watch the show. Either way, here are 5 great reasons to watch Rivals 3.

1. DRAMA!– Sure, some of the rivalries are a stretch, but there are a lot of people who hate each other paired together. According to Sarah, the first day there (the day cast photos and promos are shot) was filled with tears. Only time will tell how much drama will be on the season.

2. Viva La Mexico– Mexico is a staple of reality tv, yet The Challenge hasn’t been there in a while. Not only is it a fun tropical getaway, but some of the best Challenge seasons were in Mexico. Examples: The Inferno 1, The Inferno 2, and The Gauntlet 3.

3. Fights– If the trailer is any indication, there are going to be fights. Words are going to be flying, but it also looks like fists will fly.

4. TJ– What’s the one thing The Real World lacks that The Challenge has? Well, there are lots of things, but one of the biggest is TJ. Of course TJ is back! If the trailer is any indication, he is going to be fully of criticism.

5. The Challenges– This is a Challenge after all, and this season looks like it will have some good ones. On top of builds, in the nude, and on the beach. If there’s nothing else this show has to offer, it’s the challenges. Let’s see if the rookies can finally get their act together and pull out a win.

Tune in tomorrow, May 4th, at 10 PM EST!


  1. TJ Lavin is the poor man’s Jeff Probst. So many chances to replace him, but he’s still there. Pity.

    My sixth reason would be hoping this will be the season Johnny gets knocked out and never returns. CT carrying him like a backpack didn’t work. Sarah “betraying” him didn’t work. Sucks to see so many people coddle him. I’m not saying the show will be a million times better without him, but it beats waiting for MTV to pull the plug on the franchise.

  2. Honestly they should let TJ go and let people like Mark, Susie, Coral, Tina, and Veronica.

    Even Bananas if it stops him from competing

    1. Coral is on top of my list of potential replacements. As far as “TJ era” alumni go, I’d try to recruit Devyn. I know, she’s on a TLC show, but she did go the distance in two Challenges, and she’s as close to Coral as we’re going to get these days. No Johnny, though. He sucks.

    2. They actually did in the beginning with those who got to boot of those hosts and had Mark and Eric co-host Battle of the Seasons and that was the last time before they had Moseley, Mirra (RIP), and TJ.

  3. Is it bad and sad that I want the show to end after this season? I’ve loved the challenge since the beginning, but since Exes 2 it’s been getting stale and boring, plus I hate are you the one taking spots away from people that I want to see on the challenge.

    BTW The Inferno 3 was in South Africa and I disagree with TJ as host. I like the guy, but his been so boring since the Ruins. I miss when they would rotate the hosts from the early days of the challenge.

    1. But yo. This is not for old ppl who watch it. They want new ppl to watch it thus is why they bring new ppl and ayto on. I don’t like it all that but all the favs are getting old

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