Rivals 3

Do Devin & Cheyenne Deserve a Second Chance?

Two teams have disappeared from the Rivals 3 house, and as a result we got Amanda and Nelson in the house. Now that the second team is gone, TJ announced that we have a replacement: Devin and Cheyenne. This team lost in the first Jungle, and for some reason they are getting a second chance.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.59.29 PM

This marks the third time an eliminated cast member has been invited to return to The Challenge. In 2003’s Battle of the Sexes Dan was invited to return after Puck left. Dan was eliminated the prior week because he had the lowest score, and because his score remained at the bottom, he was eliminated just as quickly as he was brought back. The second person to get a second chance was Theresa on Battle of the Exes 2. She was only brought back to keep Leroy around after Nia was ejected from the game. Because Nia was ejected right before the final elimination, the final episodes of the show would have been ruined if Leroy didn’t have a replacement.

This brings us to Devin and Cheyenne. Were they really needed? It’s kind of hard to say really, because it depends on how many episodes production wants this season to be. But let’s look at the facts.

  1. We’d already lost one more team than we’ve replaced, so this would likely reduce the number of challenges in the season.
  2. Clearly production has no problem stretching out challenges and eliminations, so not replacing Brandon and Briana would result in more episodes with just a challenge or just an elimination.
  3. If production brought in a new team, it would likely be from AYTO. If production could have gotten CT, or Zach, or Abram, or Aneesa, or even Marie, they would have. We wouldn’t have seen Nelson and Amanda as the original replacements.

So do we need Devin and Cheyenne? Well, at this point in the season I think it makes the most sense. Fans clearly don’t want more new AYTO faces, nor do they want drawn out episodes. Given these points, I endorse brining in Devin and Cheyenne even though I would have loved to see someone whose been trying to get on The Challenge for a couple of seasons now.


  1. Why has it has been so hard for production to get people this season? Why are they ignoring those that have been trying to get on for several seasons? I’d rather have them bring in another round of Fresh Meat than have AYTO players.

  2. So stupid for them to bring two teams as replacements. On Battle of the Exes 1, Vinny & Sarah and Dustin & Heather got sent home because of DQ/injury and did we see two new teams brought in? Nope the season continued fine with a challenge and elimination round each episode.
    BMP just don’t know how to produce a good season anymore and as a result their losing tons of fans.

  3. I think another reason production brought them back is because of the potential love story between Chey and Cory, although judging from their social media, that didn’t really seem to work well.

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