Real World Bad Blood

Are You the One On The Real World: Is This Too Much?

It’s no secret that Mike Crescenzo from Are You the One? 3 has been cast on the upcoming Real World: Bad Blood season. Though MTV has not formally acknowledge this (to my knowledge), it’s widely known and easily verified. While production has been beefing up the Challenge cast with Are You the One? cast members for a while, the addition on The Real World seems a bit extreme.


When it was first discovered that Mike was on the Real World cast, people assumed it was because of rumored past. Allegedly, he worked as an escort at some point with an emphasis on same-sex clients. This is just a rumor, but if it was true, it was never exploited on AYTO. In this cast, I could kind of understand why production would want him on The Real World. This type of secret drew in a lot of viewers with Dustin Zito, and with the twists of recent seasons, production could milk it for everything it’s worth.

Then, we saw the official cast reveal. Mike’s “bad blood” is Peter. They were roommates, Mike apparently ruined Peter’s relationship and borrowed money he never returned. Certainly ground for a tainted relationship, but this isn’t a one-of-a-kind story. Unless there’s a missing piece to this puzzle, it doesn’t seem necessary to have Mike on the cast. Getting someone with a similar story to Mike’s should have been a piece of cake.

Add in the fact that Mike left AYTO on bad terms. He was involved in a controversial fight with Amanda, which doesn’t jive with MTV’s progressive image. It’s not like AYTO is a really popular show either. If production put Snooki on The Real World in 2011, that would have brought viewers. Mike from AYTO? Unlikely to reel in fans.

Including Mike in the cast doesn’t really make sense. It seems like AYTO is being forced on viewers, this is a missed opportunity to include a new cast member. Hopefully Mike proves to be a beneficial cast member, because his inclusion in the cast seems very unnecessary.


  1. Regina George to BMP, “stop trying to make AYTO on The Challenge/Real World happen! It’s not going to happen.”

  2. I definitely feel that AYTO is being forced onto the viewers of The Real World and The Challenge. Instead of making us interested in watching AYTO, it is going to backfire and make some viewers just stop watching The Real World and The Challenge.

    1. BINGO! This exact reason is why I don’t watch either show anymore. I just look forward to reading recaps on from now on.

  3. Depends though I think they should get other people a chance in do the show and not used someone whose done a show unless they do a Real World All-Stars edition.

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