Real World Bad Blood

Real World Bad Blood: Top Moments from Episode 9

1. Low Kass


After last week’s fight between Theo and Kassius, it seems like only one of them has moved on. Theo is more concerned with rebuilding his relationship with Tyara while Kassius holds animosity toward Theo. The cast then goes out at night, and Kassius drinks a whole bottle of tequila. He passed out on the stairs and Theo carries Kassius to bed. While Kass is thankful, it doesn’t change anything.

2. Families Ruining Families 


The Stack sisters begin bonding more and isolating themselves from the rest of the group. Meanwhile, Robbie received a care package from home containing homemade sauce and meatballs. He wants to treat the roommates to dinner, but the Stack sisters have already made dinner plans and do not partake. While preparing for dinner, Katrina asks Robbie’s opinion on her top. Robbie doesn’t care, and this irritates the sisters. Robbie then tells Katrina she has been different since her sister entered the house and from now on he’s not going to involve them in his business.

3. Confessional Confrontation 


Theo and Kassius have a join interview in the confessional, and the producer asks why they can’t see eye-to-eye. They both have their reasons ranging from Theo getting kick out of school to Kassius being more focused on his son. They then start to argue, which almost turns into a physical confrontation but production steps in to stop them.

4. Bloodline Breakdown


After their interview, Kassius goes to Tyara to vent about Theo. Tyara, who is not a fan of Theo, joins in. Kassius says that Theo never does shit about anything, so Theo takes this as an invitation to defend himself. The two get into a shoving match, but their roommates quickly step in break things up.

5. A Family Divided


 After their fight, Theo is taken to a hotel and production talks with both cousins. Theo seems to want to work on their relationship knowing their drama is ruining many aspects of their lives. Kassius insists they cannot reconcile and every time they make an ounce of progress they ruin that progress by fighting. After reviewing the tapes, production confirms Theo initiated the fight and sends him packing. Kassius stays in the house, getting the experience Theo wanted all along.


  1. I feel bad for Theo because Kassius constantly instigated confrontations. I can’t wait for Theo on the new challenge. He is a real dude and I think he will get along with vets like Bananas, Darrell, and Zach

  2. Good riddance to Theo. Boring cry baby who blames others for his failures. And worse than that was him continuously chasing after Tyara, who clearly wasn’t into him. Pathetic…

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