Challenge: Invasion

The Challenge Invasion: Top Moments from Episodes 1 & 2

We’re back for the 29th time!

1. Hello Thailand!


Eighteen competitors arrive in Thailand, none of whom have ever won The Challenge before. When they arrive, they are all disappointed to see that they aren’t in a huge mansion per usual. Instead, they’re in a deserted wasteland. However, this is only temporary as they can earn their way into the Oasis, which TJ says is the best Challenge house ever. There are two ways to earn a spot into the house: win the daily challenge or win in the elimination.

2. Getting Over It


The first challenge is called The Over Under and it requires the cast to climb over a wall, dig under a wall, then untangle a “heavy Thai idol” from a “tricky rope maze.” The cast must work together, but ultimately it’s an individual challenge and the first male and female to complete the three stages will win their way to the Oasis. While most of the cast works together, we see a small group break away from the bunch consisting of Tony, Bruno, Kailah and Jenna. This irks many members of the group.

3. Helping the Helpless


Dario and Nicole complete the course first, and while many people start to finish others are struggling. Soon, Marie and LaToya remain for the girls and Marie hands the competition to LaToya because she feels more comfortable in elimination. For the guys, Bruno gets very frustrated and claims he helped many people but no one helped him. He gets so frustrated that he walks off the course and ends up finishing last.

4. A House Divided


Nelson is particularly mad that the group divided during the challenge. Immediately after the challenge he calls out Tony, but that fight is quickly squashed when Nicole jumps in. Later, he calls out Kailah and tells her she shouldn’t even be on the show. Kailah is upset, even though Tony tries to stand up for her, and turns to Cory for comfort. Cory consoles Kailah, but that quickly turns to something else.

5. Voting With the Group


Nelson tells Sylvia to play the game smart, and if she doesn’t vote Tony into elimination then she’ll be next to go into elimination. When the vote comes around, TJ announces that guys will vote in girls and vice-versa. The guys vote in Kailah almost unanimously, but the girls are more divided. Three girls vote for Theo, four girls vote for Tony. When it’s Sylvia’s turn to vote, she decides she doesn’t want to have a target on her back. She votes for Tony, and he immediately feels betrayed by his Real World roommate.

6. A Break In the Skeleton


After the vote, Tony confronts Sylvia. There were four Skeletons cast members, and now there will only be three because either Bruno or Tony has to leave. Sylvia maintains that she was playing the game, but that doesn’t help. Tony’s anger is clear, and he says he’s lost a friend.

7. Trenching Through


The first elimination is called In The Trenches and players aren’t just competing to stay in the game. The winner will get a ticket to The Oasis. In this game, each player starts with five sandbags or his side. When the goal is to outrun or tackle your opponent until all ten bags are on your side. Marie and Kailah go first, and Marie quickly learns that Kailah is stronger than anticipated. Marie puts up a fight, but Kailah outruns her and takes home the victory. Then, Tony competes against Bruno. Both have a lot at stake, but Tony uses his family as motivation and pull through for his daughters. Marie and Bruno are sent packing while Tony and Kailah will be going to The Oasis.

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