Challenge: Invasion

The Challenge Invasion: Top Moments from Episode 5


1. The Beasts Are Back


TJ brings out the Champions and shakes up the game. This is no longer an individual competition: It’s Underdogs vs. Champions. Each challenge will bank money into the winning team’s account and each week is designated as an Underdog or Champion elimination week: this week is for the Underdogs. The challenge is called Knock Out and it’s quite simple. TJ launches a ball, catch it and put it in your team’s goal. First team to score three times wins the heat, first team to win two heats wins the game. Surprisingly, the Underdogs seems to work together. They pulverize the Champion girls and score three goals before the Champs score a single one. The Champion men are more competitive, managing to score two goals, but ultimately the Underdogs outnumber and outplay the Champions and win the men’s heat… and the game.

1. Sudden Death

screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-8-50-46-pmGiven the fact that it’s an Underdog elimination week, TJ has assigned the first girl and guy to score a goal the task of sending one person of the opposite sex into elimination. Ashley and Dario win the honor, but TJ shocks them by giving them no time to make their choice. Ashley picks Tony, as he’s on the opposite side of her alliance. Dario picks Sylvia because she was the last girls to earn her spot in The Oasis and she needs to “prove herself.” Then TJ tells the Underdogs that they need to nominate a second player to elimination… and no, Dario and Ashley are not safe.

3. Rookie Moves


The Underdogs are not on the same page when it comes to the second elimination nominees. Some people, like Cory and Kailah, claim they want to make the best choice for the team. People like Shane on the other hand want to ensure their own safety. This causes a divide in an already divided team, and it’s clear that the alliances from earlier in the season still exist. The Underdogs hold a team meeting, but nothing is decided and it seems unlikely that we’ll have a unanimous vote going into the first Underdog elimination.

4. Love Across Borders


With the Champions entering the house we have a few new love interests sparking. Firstly, Nicole is flirting with Cara Maria and she’s being really aggressive. More notably, Dario has taken notice to Ashley K. He compliments her cheap beach bracelet and tries to woo her with some fake fortune-teller story. It’s cheesy, but it seems to be working.

5. Heart of Gold

screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-9-07-09-pmMeanwhile, the whole cast is celebrating their first night in The Oasis together and bottles are popping! Kailah continues hooking up with Cory, but she quickly consumes too much and passed out in bed. Tony tells Cory to help out his “girl” and Cory discovers that Kailah has wet the bed. He tries to clean her up, but she’s wasted and just wants to sleep. Kailah laughs it off, not proud of herself, but these things happen. Meanwhile, Cory is turned off and wants to distance himself from Kailah who he’s determined to be a sloppy mess. This is what really upsets Kailah.

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