Challenge: Invasion

Which Underdogs Can Survive the Bloodbath?

Next week on The Challenge we will witness the Underdogs “bloodbath” and the Underdog team will be cut in half. So far, the Underdogs have managed to rid themselves of some of their weakest players, and the remaining players have all proven themselves in their own ways. Here, we’ll look at the Underdogs who have the best shot of making it to the final as well as the ones with the lowest chance:


1. Nicole– consistently the top female in the challenges, Nicole has distinguished herself among the rest of the Underdogs girls. She loves to flex her muscles, but her biggest flex of all will be outlasting the rest of the girls and surviving the bloodbath.

2. Jenna– despite the fact that she’s yet to win a Challenge, Jenna has also yet to be eliminated. She consistently proves herself by performing well in the challenges… let’s just hope that she doesn’t have to eat anything.

3. Ashley– she’s seen  her ups and downs this season, but Ashley is fearless in the challenges. She may not be the strongest girl, but she will face every challenge head-on. She may not be unbeatable, but she’s certainly going to put up a fight.

4. Amanada– despite the fact that she has never been awful in a challenge, Amanda is yet to have an outstanding performance. She still has her strengths, but if I had to compete against one of these girls, I’d think Amanda was the easiest win.


1. Cory– every time I sleep on Cory, he comes back with an impressive performance. He is the only remaining male to have made it to a Challenge final, so we know he’s capable to making it to the end. However, you can be sure that is he is in an elimination there will be no quitters this time.

2. Shane– I think Shane’s assessment of himself is really accurate. He’s not the strongest guy, but he’s very well rounded. He may not win in a game of Pole Wrestle, but I’m confident he has endurance and can come up with a winning strategy.

3. Hunter– perhaps he’s the strongest male left, but I think he has a couple of things holding him back. His ego could easily get in his way and he’s likely to rely on his strength over anything else. He likes to claim that no one can beat him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone did.

4. Nelson– he looks strong, but he hasn’t done much to impress me this season. Similar to Hunter, I think he’s mostly relying on muscle to take him to the end. In the right circumstance this could works, but there’s a lot of curveballs that are thrown in The Challenge.

Who do you think will make it to the end?


  1. Therr’d honestly no difference between Amanda and Jenna, Jenna hasn’t done shit outstanding, dominating to put her above Ashley or Amanda. Nicole is the front runner and I can see Ashley surviving.

    Cory and Nelson have been nonexistent for some weeks. I’d actually like to see Hunter vs Shane in the final but I think it’ll be one of Cory/Nelson and one of Shane/Hunter out.

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