Challenge: Invasion

The Challenge Invasion: Top Moments From Episode 11

Welcome to the bloodbath! This week we’re getting rid of four Underdogs, so we’re just focusing on the slaughter this week.1.

1. X-ed Out

The challenge this week is called X-It, and there’s no money at stake… just survival because the Underdogs are competing individually. The four competitors are attached to a rotating X and must collect all their puzzle pieces. The pieces are all over the playing field, so it’s a matter of gaining control of the X and moving where you need to go. Once all the pieces are collected players unhook themselves and must solve a puzzle. It’s like a Soduku, every column and row must add to 21 using numbers one to six with no repeating numbers. The men go first, and numbers prove to be really difficult for them. Shane collects his pieces first, but this lead doesn’t mean much. The Underdog men spend over an hour before someone finishes the puzzle. Shane gets done first, then Cory remembers to use the number six so he finishes second. It comes down to Nelson and Hunter, and eventually Nelson completes the puzzle. This means Hunter loses and is going home.

2. Female FleX

Now, the females compete in X-It. After seeing the guys compete, they expect this to be a long battle. Ashley collects her pieces first while Amanda collects all her pieces last. Amanda doesn’t care because she is “smart” so she thinks she will take the least time at the puzzle. Despite her bragging, Amanda is right. She finishes first then Ashley finishes second. Jenna and Nicole are going head to head for the final spot, and Nicole finally completes her puzzle. Jenna comes in last, and for the first time ever she is eliminated from The Challenge. Now, the three remaining males and the three remaining females earn the privilege of going to The Fortress where another male and another female will be sent home.

3. Pulling Out

The cast shows up at The Fortress where the remaining Underdogs will be playing Inside Out. It’s a three-way tug-of-war where payers are harnessed to a ring in the center of a circle. The goal is to drag your opponents and ring your bell on the outside of the circle. The girls go first, and quickly exhaust themselves before anyone reaches their bell. Times passes and Nicole resorts to pulling her rope and reeling the other girls in. This works momentarily, but not enough for her to win. As the clock approaches on hour, Amanda and Ashley agree to work together. They pull Nicole until they’re half way between their two bells and then race to see who can ring their bell first. Ashley wins, and is guaranteed a spot in the final!

4. Stepping Out 

Now, Amanda and Nicole remain as they compete for the final female spot on the Underdog team. The second phase of the elimination is a best two out of three scenario. The girls are attached at the waist and must be the first person to get both feet outside of the circle. In round one, the girls wrestle until they’re close to the edge of the circle. Then they jump out in unison but Nicole gets her feet out first. Amanda concocts a strategy for the second round where the wrestles Nicole for a moment then runs to the edge. This tricks Nicole and Amanda ties the score. In the final round, Nicole expects Amanda’s tricks and is able to outrun Amanda and get her feet out of the circle first.

5. Final Fights and Fist Fights

Now, the guys are competing in the first heat of Inside Out, and Shane and Nelson agree to work together. Cory, unsuspecting of this plan, thinks it was will be a battle between himself and Nelson as he considers Nelson a friend. Unlike the girls’ heat, this battle lasts about ten seconds. Nelson and Shane head in the same direction, and Nelson rings his bell first. Cory is shocked, and Shane gives Nelson credit for his crafty gameplay though he really just wants to anger Cory more. Cory knows Nelson played him, and he’s ready to prove he’s stronger than Nelson. The two are toe-to-toe and Cory shoves Nelson………

To be continued.

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