Champs vs. Pros

Champs VS. Pros: MVPs from Episode 3

Once again, Wes made the show, but he’s not MVP.

The Challenge: Out of Bounds. Basically Pole Push from The Gauntlet 3, but the heats are one-on-one and you’re pushed into water.

The Eliminations: Basket Brawl. Basically Balls In from The Inferno 2, Free Agents, or Invasion but they’re using medicine balls and not regular basket balls.

Pros MVP: Lindsey JacobellisLindsey stepped up to the plate, becoming team captain and beating Ashley K. in the Out of Bounds challenge. Both are great feats, but her shining moment comes at the end of the episode when she recognizes that Tia is heading into a losing battle against Lolo in elimination, so she volunteers as tribute. Of course, this is a cliffhanger so we don’t really know what happens.

Champs MVP: CT

The wasn’t a lot to be excited for on the Champ’s side this episode, but CT managed to score one of the two wins in the challenge this week. In addition, she brought awareness to dadbods across the nation, so that counts for something…right?

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