The Challenge

10 Challengers Who Could Be the Next Great Return

Between Invasion and Dirty Thirty, we’ve seen a good number of people returning to The Challenge. Whether is was a Road Ruler like Shane, Veronica or Derrick, or a one-Challenge-wonder like Marie, we’ve seen some faces recently that many people thought we’d never see again. As we begin to hear peeps about Challenge 31, many fans are hopeful that we’ll get a returner who is back to leave their mark on The Challenge once again. Here are ten people who could make their return and make a lot of fans happy.

Jenn (last seen on Rivals)

If there’s someone who would come back in better shape than ever, it’s Jenn. Despite her absence on The Challenge, she has been training more than ever. This is her opportunity to make it to the final and actually win.

Marlon (last seen on Rivals 2)

Making it to the end of your first season is quite the feat. While Marlon didn’t win, he did show a lot of promise. His partner Jordan has gone on to become a Challenge champ, so there’s a chance Marlon could be the next Portlander to take the crown.

Tina (last seen on The Duel, or her guest appearance on Cutthroat)

Last time Tina competed she punched Beth in the face and got the boot. While Tina claims she’s done with the show, the return of her friends Shane and Veronica may sway her to think differently and have her long awaited return become a reality.

Brad (last seen on Cutthroat)

After eight seasons, Brand snagged his first win on Cutthroat. While he hasn’t returned since his victory, you don’t compete on eight seasons and just stop loving The Challenge. It’s time for Brad to get back on the show and prove he can win again.

Brianna (last seen on The Ruins)

Real World Hollywood has become the notoriously absent season from The Challenge, but after a brief appearance on The Ruins, this firecracker left viewers hoping for a better performance. A return from Bri would please long time fans and bring the Hollywood season back into the limelight.

Jonna (last seen on Battle of the Exes 2)

Not one to leave early, Jonna has come close to the finals many times. Last seen tolerating Zach on Exes 2, Jonna took a break from the show to have a child. Now that her baby is a little older, Jonna needs to come back and prove she can make it to the final.

Mark (last seen on Battle of the Exes)

Mark is the godfather of The Challenge, and despite his multiple retirements he always seems to come back. After all, he stay in shape and is always prepared for a Challenge. Hope he returns with the same drive to win and a willingness to work against Johnny.

Nia (last seen on Battle of the Exes 2)

Not having Nia on “Dirty Thirty” is a huge mistake on MTV’s behalf as Nia is utterly unafraid to play a filthy game. MTV needs to right this wrong and get her on the next season of the show.

Frank (last seen on Free Agents)

A one-time champ with many freak outs, Frank left his mark on every season he appeared on. He claims he’s retired, but seemed to think he may have wanted to compete on Champs vs. Pros. Hopefully this renewed his interest in the show.

Coral (last seen on The Gauntlet 3)

It’s hard to know if Coral will ever return. While she’s never 100% said she was done, life have gotten in the way of her return. As long as The Challenge is on the air, I’ll be praying for the original HBIC to return.


  1. While I get excited to see the likes of Kelly-Anne, Darrell, Laurel, Derrick and Veronica again, I remember that no amount of old school vets can no longer save the show. Everything from top to bottom is horrible, but the main thing is the editing. The editing has been horrible the last tree seasons.

    1. If they got coral, Tina, Veronica, Rachel, and Beth on the same challenge with nia, Cooke, Latoya, Ashley m, Violeta, Kailah there would be a lot of drama and somewhat better rating hopefully around a million. They just need to advertise it better.

  2. @TheFutureIsMichael I just wanted to say thank you for all the time and effort you put into this website and your articles. As a lifelong huge Challenge fan, I find them all interesting and entertaining. Keep up the great work!!!

  3. Marlon is always saying that he’s ready to be on the challenge again on his IG live feeds and he’s in better shape than ever.

    Mark seems like he’s waiting for the right time to return and is always open to it as well.

    I was surprised when I found out Frank retired so early from the challenge.

    Jenn was definitely one of those people that I was sick of seeing back to back seasons but I’d like to see a return.

    Brianna had a lot of promise for the challenge and was so short lived. She’s definitely the only Hollywood cast member that would ever have a chance of returning.

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