Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty

Is Amanda ‘Are You the One’s?’ Secret Weapon

Are You the One? Is starting to have a bigger presence on The Challenge, but after last night’s Dirty Thirty Pre-Show, it’s pretty clear that one AYTO cast member has left a bigger impression than the rest: Amanda.

Going into Dirty Thirty, we’ve seen some interesting moments from Amanda. She almost made it to the final last season and she’s a pretty sneaky player. On a season where dirty playing is encouraged, Amanda may be in the environment where she can unleash her full potential.

If an Are You the One cast member wants to win, she’ll need to be well rounded, and that’s where Amanda stands out. She’s not the strongest, but she gets the job done. She’s not a puzzle master, but she can get through them. She’s not always politicking, but she can make moves. Compared to someone like Nelson or Hunter, she has a better skill set. When it comes to the AYTO girls, no one has come close her Amanda.

However, she’s not just competing against AYTO kids. In fact, she has set herself from others in more ways than one. Namely, she has a rivalry with veteran cast member Camila. In order to win, she will need to eliminate Camila and the other veterans like Aneesa and Cara Maria.

Still, I think Amanda has a good shot, and this will be the season where she sets herself apart from the rest of the AYTO kids or falls back into AYTO monotony.

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