Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty

Can Cory Survive Dirty Thirty?

After appearing on three seasons and seeing two finals, Cory has established himself as one of the better players in the new generation. Sure, he has he faults, but there’s no denying that he’s more successful than most people on these shows.

Until now. After eliminating Darrell after the first challenge, Cory has painted a huge target on his back and this had not gone unnoticed by the vets. In a move spearheaded by Bananas, the vets sent Cory into the first elimination despite the longstanding tradition of sacrificing rookies first.

And this is just the first elimination. If Cory survives, he’ll have many more weeks to worry about. Of course, he will likely have some allies (like Tony and probably Nelson), but he the vets are coming after him. Add in the fact that Darrell has the chance to come back, and Cory has a lot to worry about. Unless he wins the weekly challenge, odds are at least one of his enemies will place in the top. This means every week will be a battle while others can just skate by.

As difficult as this game may be, it is also one of the more forgiving seasons. Even if Cory loses an elimination he does get the chance to continue fighting in Redemption. That’s not the place you want to be, but it’s also better than getting sent home.

It’s also early in the game. While Cory is public enemy number one right now, there’s plenty of time for other people to make mistakes and paint a target on their backs. If Cory returns and keeps his mouth shut, he might find that he can skate by. Then again, we’ve never known Cory to do that.


  1. “Cory has established himself as one of the better players in the new generation.”

    “Can Cory Survive Dirty Thirty?”


    I think he’s out of luck this time. Too many better competitors than him.

  2. I doubt he’ll make it to the finals. Sometimes in these challengers you need to shut the F–K up. Cockiness can get people in trouble.

  3. Have you checked out the ‘No Quitters’ podcast? It’s a funny podcast about the challenge and they’ve been having challengers on lately.

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