Challenge: Vendettas

Challenge 31: Cast and Formatting Rumors

Here we go, we have another Challenge taking off in the next weeks. Now that we’re getting closer to take off, I figured I should at least address some of the rumors circulating.

WARNING: In this post I’m going to be revealing some spoilers, namely from Champs vs. All Stars. So, do not continue reading if you want to avoid those.

I will update when more information becomes available. Shout out to Vevmo.

When? The Challenge is supposed to start filming Sept 18th. Testing has already started.

Format? Unknown. This season was originally going to be Bloodlines 2, but that has been changed. It is rumored to be a pair Challenge, but not Exes or Rivals.

Likely On the Show (or at least likely to have completed testing):

  • Alicia Wright
  • Britni Thornton
  • Cory Wharton
  • Jemmye Carroll
  • Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio
  • Katrina Stack
  • Leroy Garret
  • Madison Channing Walls
  • Nelson Thomas
  • Sylvia Elsrode
  • Thomas Buell
  • Tony Raines
  • Veronica Portillo

Unlikely On the Show:

  • Amanda Garcia- focusing on career
  • Aneesa Ferreira
  • Camila Nakagawa- Production wants her to take time off after he incident on All Stars vs. Pros
  • Ceejai Jenkins- School
  • Dario Medrano- School
  • Darrell Taylor
  • Heather Cooke- Getting married
  • Jason Hill
  • Jenna Compono- Recently had ankle surgery
  • Jennifer Geoghan- Not Invited
  • Jordan Anderson- Allegedly she’s a liability
  • Kendal Sheppard- Not contacted
  • Laurel Stucky- School
  • Mike Crescenzo- School
  • Nany Gonzalez- School
  • Nicole Ramos- Declined
  • Robbie Padovano
  • Tori Deal- Family Commitment
  • Trey Wetherholtz

People Who Are Possibilities 

  • Ammo
  • Ashley Mitchell- Father recently passed away, but may still be considered
  • Averey Tressler- Has been contacted and was considered for prior seasons
  • Brad Fiorenza- Has mentioned he wants to return
  • Cara Maria Sorbello
  • CT Tamburello- No evidence he’ll be on, but he was asked. He will always be asked.
  • Derrick Henry- Likely an alternate
  • Derrick Kosinski- Likely an alternate
  • Devin Walker
  • Eddie Williams Jr.
  • Emily Schromm
  • Giovanni Rivera- Conflicting info. I wouldn’t expect him, but he’s not def. out.
  • Hunter Barfield- Had wrist surgery. Doctors said he should be OK, but production still may not want him
  • Josh Murray- opens the door for Pros/All-Stars to get cast
  • Kailah Casillas
  • Kellyanne Judd
  • Marie Roda
  • Michael Halpern
  • Morgan St. Pierre
  • Simone Kelley
  • Theresa Gonzalez- Considered doing the show when it was Bloodlines 2
  • Tina Barta
  • Tyara Hooks
  • Tyranny Todd
  • Wes Bergmann
  • Zach Nichols

Rumor #1– Non-RW/AYTO/RR/FM on the show. Allegedly Javi from Teen Mom is not on the show, but at least one person from a different MTV show has been contacted. The show is likely one that has not been on the air for a while.

Rumor #2- Allegedly at least two older schoolers are making a return this season. I’m guessing Brad may be one, but that is not confirmed at all.

Rumor #3- Apparently someone who had potential to be a “queen” but only did one Challenge was contacted and may return.




  1. 1. I don’t get the third rumor at all. Could somebody clarify that for me?

    2. Where is CT? I’m hoping that he retired after S30, because I hate to think he would have one bad day to undo all the positive progress he’s made.

  2. Alicia, Britni, Briana, Cara Maria, Cory, Bananas, Jemmye, Kailah, Nelson, Marie, Tony, Veronica and Leroy are all already casted

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