Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty

Britni Thornton & Derrick Kosinski- Are They An Item?

This one came out of left field. It seems like Road Rules alum Derrick has his eyes on a Challenge rookie. Ms. Britni Thornton to be exact.

Mostly, this is a question because there’s a video on Instagram of the two kissing at the reunion.

I assumed the answer to this question would be a hard no, and it is true that they’re not a thing. However, they’re not not a thing.

Here’s the story in a nutshell… they weren’t involved at all while filming The Challenge because Brinti was in a relationship. Derrick, who is now broken up with his son’s mother, slid into Britni’s DMs after the end of the show. Britni, who broke up with her boyfriend (Chuck from AYTO?3), responded to these message, but that’s about the extent of the relationship. They’re friendly, flirty, but not dating.

Derrick compares the relationship to a modern Romeo & Juliette because she’s from Road Rules and she’s from Are You the One?. While I’m not convinced Derrick has ever actually read Romeo & Juliette, the relationship could work. The age gap is eight years, which isn’t that huge, and Britni likes the fact that he’s a committed father.

We’ll see if anything comes of this, but the Instagram kiss was just in good fun.


  1. Kind of surprise of the age gap being that close. Also I thought Derrick was married. I hope the relationship of his kid’s mom didn’t end the way Tony’s has (Yes I went there).

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