The Challenge

10 Upsetting Losses Right Before the Final

We have seen quite a few people who really want to win The Challenge, and despite their best efforts they’ve fallen short. While some people may have been deserving of their fate, other competitors left fans heartbroken when they went home. Here are some of the people who made viewers sad when they left right before the final challenge:

1. Derrick- The Gauntlet 2

Derrick had a tough road on The Gauntlet 2 and almost fought his way to the end. Watching Timmy take him out right before the final made the Veteran’s loss a little more bearable.

2. Aneesa- The Duel Aneesa earned her title as an elimination queen for a reason, and she was close to fighting her way to the final on The Duel. Add to the fact that she lost on I Can, the lamest elimination ever, and it sucked even more.

3. Katie- The Gauntlet 3Normally it isn’t a surprise to see Katie leave, but she was so close to The Gauntlet 3 final as the newer vets were trying to “trim the fat.” It would have been nice to see her survive just to piss off Evan, Kenny, and CT.

4. Diem- The Duel 2

No stranger to the final elimination, Diem dealt with a lot on The Duel 2. She almost took home some money but lost at the last minute to a rookie.

5. Paula- CutthroatFew people were as desperate for a win as Paula, and Cutthroat seemed like her season. Then, she lost at the very end when her team decided Tori was more valuable.

6. CT & Adam- Rivals

CT’s return on Rivals may have been one of the most exciting of all time, and we were all rooting form him even though it meant taking Adam to the final.

7. Diem & Aneesa- Rivals 2

By the time Rivals 2 rolled around, both Diem and Aneesa were some of the most veteraned competitors without a win. They were really close to the final, but the pressure got the best of them.

8. Shane- Invasion

Shane’s long awaited returned ended up being his most successful Challenge run. Right before the final he lost his shot to became the fifth Campus Crawl champ.

9. Jenna- Dirty Thirty

We finally saw Jenna play a dirty game this season, and she continued to be a physical force on The Challenge, but the final elimination took away her shot to share the $1,000,000.

10. Hunter- Dirty Thirty

No one fought quite as hard as Hunter this season, and despite his best efforts, his injured hand cost him the game.


  1. on free agents cara for winning 3 eliminations, hurting her hand, and doing the wrecking wall eliminations with a hurt hand. Then losing Theresa who had her best game at the time played more strategic and winning her first elimination. Having deuvn and nany in that final over them was disappointing.

  2. Even though he wasn’t the last male eliminated, Wes on exes 2 finally had the perfect strategy/politic season only to be screwed over by the redemption exile. The only person to not get a second chance out of the eliminated contestants.

    1. First it was Battle of the Ex-iled than the dumb challenge where all the John minions went after him and Theresa and then Leroy in Hall Brawl with a format where they gave them no chance (if it was seperate rounds guy vs. guy and girl vs. girl Theresa could saved them by the luck of a tie braker. If Theresa did not get the chance to come back that season because of Nia it would have been the biggest robbery ever since that elimination was Wes’ fault.

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