Champs vs. Stars

The Champs Keep Losing Players, Can they Survive?

If you’ve seen any of the promos for the third episode of Champs vs. Stars, they’re all filled with spoilers. Specifically, spoilers about the fate of Jenna and Ashley in the game.

While I’m not going to reveal anything definite, it looks really really likely that Ashley and Jenna may be out of the game. This leaves two Champ girls in the game: Aneesa and Emily. When competing against a team of five Star girls, this is going to be a challenge.

There are two things that would greatly help the ailing Champs. Firstly, we could skip an elimination. This might be possible as the spoiler-ridden previews have no shown any female elimination. The other thing that may benefit the Champs is bringing in a replacement. This also seems very likely.

Let’s pretend neither of those happen. Can the Champs survive with just Emily and Aneesa? In my opinion, yes. Out of all the females, I believe Emily is the strongest. She’s better suited for these challenges than may of the past Olympians on the show. On the other hand, Aneesa is beatable but she’s not the worst. Should has real potential to win an elimination and send a Star home.

However, getting a new player would really help. Even if they get a flop, like Cheyenne from AYTO?3 who made it to the finals on Rivals 3, it would add another body and buy the Champs more time.

Do you think the Champs can survive with three girls gone?

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