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10 Big Brother Cast Members Who Could Be Challenge Material

With The Challenge Vendettas premiering in a few days, we will be watching Victor and Natalie make their debut. For the first time, cast members from the popular CBS reality show Big Brother will be joining The Challenge.

As far as BB cast members go, I personally think Victor and Natalie are solid choices. Victor was a strong competitor, battling back into the house twice. He was also a fan favorite, quite literally. He won America’s Player- the fan voted title given to the most likable player. Natalie, on the other hand, relied on an alternate strategy. She cuddled up with BB vet James and relied on relationships to carry her through the game. While these took different approaches to playing the game, both strategies translate into skills that could be used to excel in The Challenge.

Even though I like the casting picks, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other good Big Brother competitors who could do well on The Challenge. Here’s my list of ten former Big Brother players whose Big Brother success could translate into Challenge success. For this list, I am only including realistic options. Based on the rookies on Vendettas, I’m only picking people in an appropriate age range. When we look at the seven non-MTV newbies on this season, we see that they’re aged 24-30. This means anyone considerably older than that probably won’t be selected by MTV to join the Challenge cast.

Josh Martinez (Big Brother 19- WINNER)

Loud, emotional, and surprisingly loyal. Josh was one of the most hated cast members on Big Brother 19 until all of the likable cast members were evicted. Then he was a favorite by default. While his personality may cause some trouble when adjusting to a Challenge, he is a winner and that title alone will increase his likelihood of getting on The Challenge.

Jessica Graf (Big Brother 19)

Jessica, along with her showmance turned real life boyfriend Cody, became fan favorites on Big Brother 19 when they opposed the majority alliance lead by BB vet Paul. Ultimately this lead to their evictions and many arguments with out houseguests. Jessica can hold her own in competitions, but she’s headstrong and unafraid of an argument, which will serve he well on a Challenge.

Mark Jansen (Big Brother 19)

Growing up as a fat child, Mark shed the pounds and became a fitness buff. On Big Brother, he was known to be a physical threat but he will best be remembered for his relationship with Elena. He had a tendency to be argumentative, but fan found him to be a more likable character. And while he is still dating Elena, if that doesn’t work out they may be strong contenders for another Exes season.

Paul Abrahamian (Big Brother 18- Runner Up. Big Brother 19- Runner Up)

Paul spent a lot of Big Brother 18 being toyed around with and playing the role as a pawn. As he advanced in the game, he became established as both a psychical and mental threat. On Big Brother 19 he was a ringleader of the majority alliance and prided himself on his ability to manipulate the other houseguests. While this got him to the end, it also cost him the game when a bitter jury voted for Josh to win. If Devin made it on The Challenge for being a mastermind on Are You the One?, Paul is likely the Big Brother equivalent.

Corey Brooks (Big Brother 18)

You may, or may not, know that Corey was an alternate for Vendettas but was ultimately not used on the final cast. Despite this, he still seems like he’d be great for The Challenge. He’s remembered for being one of the nice guys on his season, but his background as a collegiate athlete will allow him to excel on the playing field.

Nicole Franzel (Big Brother 16, Big Brother 18- Winner)

Nicole was an innocent and sweet underdog on Big Brother 17 who won the approval of many fans. On Big Brother 18, she played with her eyes on the prize. While not a mean player, her focus on winning resulted in her sticking with her allies throughout the entire game and eliminating some of the fan favorites. This paid off, because she won. Nicole is prime Challenge material because she has the winner title, and because she has multiple eligible exes (Hayden from BB17 and Corey from BB18)

Liz & Julia Nolan (Big Brother 17, Liz Runner-Up)

These twins played as one person during the first few weeks on Big Brother 17, so they’re one entry on the list. And if there was ever a Bloodlines 2, I’d expect them to be heavily considered. While they’ll be remembered for the showmantic ways and their involvement in Vanessa’s manipulative alliance, they were more likable and level-headed. After being on the show, it was revealed that they went to college with Challenge vet Kailah and they had some not-so-nice things to say about her.

Cody Calafiore (Big Brother 16- Runner Up)

Cody, who’s brother Paulie will be appearing on the upcoming US Ex on the Beach, is generally considered the more likable Calafiore brother. He was a decent competitor and loyal ally who went all the way to the end. While his good looks and social game will likely win some fans on The Challenge, he’s no slouch when it comes to competitions.

Zach Rance (Big Brother 16)

Zach stood out as one of the most outspoken players in Big Brother history, most notably for calling Nicole a “fruit-loop dingus.” Despite his nonsensical antics, he was not stranger to sneaky gameplay. He even maintained a showmance with Frankie Grande throughout the duration of his appearance just to advance his game. While Zach may not be the most likable person, there’s no doubt he’s entertaining.

Danile Donato (Big Brother 8- Runner Up, Big Brother 13)

If we’re looking to get a true Big Brother legend on the show, Daniele may be our best bet. She’s the spawn of Evel Dick and part of a Big Brother obsessed household. In fact, she’s married to Big Brother 13 alum Dominic. Despite her decade-long Big Brother career, she’s only 31 and still in shape. Daniele thrives on the manipulation and competition involved in Big Brother and will likely perform well on a Challenge.

Which Big Brother alumni do you think belong on The Challenge?


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