Big Brother Challenge: Final Reckoning

The Next Move MTV Should Make to Generate Buzz Around The Challenge

As we saw last week, the inclusion of UK kids and Big Brother houseguests has not hindered the performance of The Challenge at all. In fact, it has improved it.

With season 32 in the pre-production stages, it should be obvious that production is looking to bring in an international presence and recruiting from other reality TV shows. While this integration has been successful, it’s important not to overwhelm the target audience with too many changes. At its core, The Challenge needs to remain familiar to its target audience while trying to gain viewers from shows that appeal to a similar demographic.

So, I believe this is the next logical move for The Challenge: Recruit from Big Brother Canada.

Here’s why I believe this move works.

Firstly, Natalie has become a notable figure in the first few episodes of Vendettas, proving the potential of Big Brother players. And I have heard of Big Brother fans watching The Challenge only because Big Brother houseguests are on the show. These fans are going to be the more avid fans of Big Brother, and avid BB:US fans are aware of BB:Canada. In fact, a decent number of these fans have familiarized themselves with the Canadian version of Big Brother.

Right now BB:Canada is approaching its sixth season and there has yet to be a crossover between the US and the Canada adaptations of the show (for those of you reading who are unaware, Big Brother is a show that is all over the world. However, the US and Canada have a different and far more competitive adaptation of the show than every other country).  If MTV wants to capture the interest of the core BB fan base, this is a move they should make. There are fans who have been waiting for a few years to see the two shows interact, and if CBS or Global won’t create the platform, MTV has the perfect platform for some crossover.

While our intentional recruits come from MTV UK right now, MTV doesn’t even show The Challenge in the UK. Meanwhile, MTV Canada does show The Challenge. For this reason, a BB:Canada presence will generate an important level of interest for The Challenge in Canada.

Perhaps I’m biased here. I am a fan of Big Brother, so I can talk about the inclusion on The Challenge and support my ideas with knowledge of the show. I cannot do the same for show like Ex on the Beach UK or other reality shows we may see in the future. Still, I feel like this is a move that would expand the audience of The Challenge and continue adapting to competitors coming onto the show while not being overly invasive for Challenge fans who are resisting the changes.



  1. We need some I love money and survivor representation. If they were to do a battle of the shows. Team challenge, I love money, UK (geordie shore, ex beach, etc), U.S.(survivor, big brother, jersey shore, ayto).

  2. I hadn’t even thought of The Challenge including folks from BB Canada but that is a great idea. Ika, Demetres, Jared, Kevin, there are so many I would love to see competing on The Challenge.

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