Challenge: Vendettas

The Challenge Vendettas: Top Moments from Episode 4

An elimination and a challenge, but in the wrong order ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

1. Trail By TroikaThe Troika meets to determine who is going to face Melissa in The Ring. Kayleigh and Alicia try to convince the Troika it’s smart to keep them safe while Kam takes a slightly more intimidating approach. Ultimately, at The Ring, Alicia is selected to compete against Melissa.

2. Chain of Events The elimination game is called Chain Reaction and involves competitors clipping and unclipping beams, connected by chains, to create a ladder. The first person to climb to the top and ring a bell wins. Melissa has more composure throughout this, so she wins and now has the power to launch a grenade on someone.

3. Pizza Party Pooper The cast receives pizza, and Brad notices Marie take a box to her room. She then comes back for more pizza despite the fact that not everyone has eaten. Brad calls her out on this, but Marie thinks Brad is just looking for issues because there’s tons of pizza. When the argument starts to calm down, Marie takes some pizza boxes to Brad’s room and throws them on his bed giving him a pizza her mind. This reignites the argument and Marie doesn’t pay mind to anything Brad says because he can’t take care of his own two kids. This escalates the argument to a full blown Vendetta.

4. Food Fight

The next challenge is called Food Wars and it’s an eating contest/ trivia battle. Melissa uses her grenade to pick the teams, and Bananas gets the first trivia question right. So, he saves Leroy’s team and all the remaining teams have to eat a plate of smelly cheese in under five minutes. Tony is the only competitor to complete the cheese, so five teams are eliminated right away. Bananas gets the second question right, and Tony and Leroy have to race to complete a plate of Marshmellows. Once again, Tony wins. The final round is a maynaise eating contest. Cara Maria represents her team (her, Bananas, Kayleigh) while Tony represents his team (Tony, Zach, Marie). Once again, Tony wins the round. His team is now the Troika!

5. Old Vendettas and New VendettasBecause so many teams lost in the first round, the Troika and pick any one of the five losing teams to be the bottom team. Tony’s team agree the best option is Sylvia, Joss, and Brad because two of Tony’s Vendettas are on one team. Now, the losing team must pick one player to go into The Ring. Brad immediately nominates Sylvia and Joss follows, so Sylvia is going into The Ring.

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