Challenge: Vendettas

The Challenge Vendettas: Top Moments from Episode 12

A lot happening now! We’ve gone from episodes with just one elimination to episodes with two challenges and an elimination.

1. Sunken Treasure

Today’s challenge is called Spanish Treasure and it’s a relay race to grab a ball, put it in a net underwater, and once enough balls are placed in the nets a treasure chest will begin to float. The teams are assembled by the Troika, and they stack on team so they can win again and place Cara Maria with all the black people all the people who can’t swim. So, we see the same people win again. Tony, Zach, and Brad make the Troika despite the fact that it’s a female elimination but the promise their teammate Jemmye, Natalie, and Nicole they’ll be safe. Meanwhile, the losing team can’t decide which female to send into the elimination. It’s a tied vote between Cara Maria and Kailah, but the Troika is able to send in any losing female. They pick Kam to go into her third elimination.

2. Getting Backdoored

After being promised safety by the Troika, Natalie finds herself in The Inquisition with Cara Maria and Kailah. Cara Maria pleads that she is a strong female who you’d want to be paired with in the final. Meanwhile, Kailah claims she offers everything Natalie offers and more. Natalie and Kaliah go after each other, but ‘s clear the promise between Natalie and her teammates won’t be honored. In the end, Natalie is sent to face Kam in The Rings.

3. Hanging By a Thread

The elimination is called Spanish Torture and is a tightrope race. The ropes aren’t super sturdy, and Kam quickly loses balance and is forced to continue upside down. Natalie gets ahead, but later loses her balance. Unable to regain momentum, Kam passes her and wins her third elimination.

4. Czeching Out

TJ gathers the cast for the second challenge of the episode, and he drops two surprises. Firstly, this is the last challenge in Spain. After this, the cast will be moving to The Czech Republic. The challenge is a race, and the slowest male and female won’t be making the trek to Prague. The ante is raised and the cast is anxious and excited.

5. The Race of All Races

The race is called Help Me, Rhonda due to the fact that the race takes place in Rhonda, Spain. Competitors must run a mile uphill and through the city, zip down a zipline then climb down a wall and race to the finish line. Most people make it through the race with moderate ease, only Kyle having noticeable trouble. Now it’s just a matter of getting through the race faster than the rest of the competitors.

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