Challenge: Vendettas

The Challenge Vendettas: Top Moments from Episode 13

The final is right around the corner! Who’s going to get there?

1. The Last Lap

After the Help Me, Rhonda challenge, Zach and Nicole have won their split of $25,000 because they have the fastest times. While they are excited for their prizes, the slowest male and female are being sent home immediately. Jemmye has the slowest time for the girls and Devin was five seconds slower than Kyle, making him the slowest male. Both are out, and the rest of the cast are shipping off to The Czech Republic.

2. Switching Lanes

In the Out of the Box challenge, two competitors compete at a time in an obstacle course where you must swing between a beam and a moving truck. The goal is to weave around stacks of boxes and not knock them over. Knocking over a stack of boxes or failing to transport will result in getting points, and the player with the least amount of points wins their split of $25,000. In the first, slower heat we only see Nelson, Leroy and Kam acquire points. In the “playoff” heat which is faster, Kailah has the best score because she only got two points. Tony has the least points for the guys so he wins for the men. Along with the third place finisher, Cara Maria, the winners make up the Troika.

3. The Fate of the Furious

Because Nelson has the worst time, and there are six guys compared to four girls, he automatically goes home. Meanwhile, all four girls are automatically in the final. Now, the Troika has to pick three guys to be considered for elimination, which really means keeping one guy safe. Kailah and Cara Maria opt to keep Zach safe because they’d want to run a final with him. Tony doesn’t like this idea because Zach has the best shot at beating him in the end, but he’s outnumbered. This means Leroy, Kyle, and Brad are in The Inquisition.

4. Aggressive Conversation

At The Inquisition, all three men take a different approach to securing safety. This time, only one person is safe and the other two will battle in The Ring. Brad says he gave up a lot to be here, and is playing for his family. Kyle states that he is surprised he made it this far because he thought he was a weakling and a drunk, plus he’s “shagging” Cara Maria. Leroy tries to position himself as a victim the game who lost his allies but took it in stride. He claims he had Tony and Cara Maria’s back. However, Kailah is the only one who saves him at The Ring. Both Cara Maria and Tony save Kyle, meaning Brad will face Leroy. When questioned, Tony stated Leroy was aggressive and seemed like he was owed safety. In reality, Tony thinks Leroy is a stronger competitor and he’d rather face Kyle in the final.

5. Breaking Down Walls

The elimination game is called Head Banger, and it’s a race to break stuff. First, competitors must smash through a dry wall. Then, they must smash through a plastic gate. The final step is to smash two heavy balls and retrieve smaller balls. First player to deposit two of the smaller balls wins. Leroy takes the lead, while Brad has a series of bad luck. His dry wall just topples over, and the handles break off his balls. This allows Leroy to get through the course more quickly and secure his win and spot in the final.

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