Challenge: Vendettas

Does Kyle Have the Vendettas Cast Fooled?

Throughout this season, Kyle has skated by. He avoided elimination, aligned himself with the veterans, and built some decent relationships. This week, we saw Cara Maria and Tony save Kyle from elimination over Leroy and Brad. While Cara Maria was likely influenced by her relationship with Kyle, Leroy accused Tony of wanted to save the weaker players for the final.

This is certainly the image Kyle has painted for himself this season. He’s a good drinking buddy and social player, but he has hidden behind a facade of being a weaker competitor. In all actuality, he has had some good performances. He earned a spot in the Troika from the Who’s Got Balls and the Gasping for Air challenges. He never finished last, and whenever he was tested he was able to avoid losing (like in Spanish Treasure and Help Me Rhonda). Clearly, he is capable of doing well on this show.

With this is plan all along? Yes. I believe Kyle wanted to appear weaker than he truly was. He placed an emphasis on drinking and hooking up, when is reality he is a worthy competitor. This has allowed him to skate to the final.

Does he have a chance of winning the final? Honestly, I wouldn’t rule him out. I think some competitors are faster and stronger than him, but it often seems that the people who are most successful in the final are the craftiest people. The ones who know how to navigate through random puzzles and check points while maintaining composure. Kyle has proven he can do this, so he does stand a chance.

This season, Kyle played a great game. For a first timer, he knew how to use his lack of experience to his advantage, but he also formed relationships with the right people and made his way to a final.

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