Challenge: Vendettas

The Challenge Vendettas: Top Moments from Episode 14

The final episode!… kinda, sorta. Spoiler, we don’t know the winner until the reunion.

1. Light the Fire

As the final approaches, Leroy receives an apology from Tony. But let’s face it, no one is buying the apology. The show then cuts to the final challenge and it’s a race, with lots of opportunities to seek revenge on those who have betrayed you. The first stage of the final is a run with your ankles and wrists shackled together. Then, competitors reach a barrel of torches. Their goal is to transfer those torches across a field and put them in a bucket. However, opponents may return a competitor’s torch after depositing one of their own. Zach and Tony target Leroy who attempts to fend off both, while Kyle skates by and finishes this stage first. Leroy finishes second, then Zach, then Tony. Meanwhile, the girls try not to play dirty until Nicole steals one of Cara Maria’s deposited swords.

2. Karma Maria

Throughout the race, Nicole took a number of falls and during the initial run and then during the sword transfer. The pain catches up with her and a medic is called. The medic recommends Nicole not continue with the race. She’s upset, in pain, and bankrupt. Nicole drops out of the final.

3. The Highs and Lows

TJ introduced Melissa and Bananas as Mercenaries, but in reality, they’re card dealers in a game of high and low. Melissa for the girls, Bananas for the guys. If the finalist wins, they continue with the race. If the dealer wins, they give the finalist one of three grenades: chug water, do 50 jumping jacks, or dig a hole and bury a log. Kyle, then Leroy, then Zach, then Tony all see Bananas. No one loses. For the women, Cara Maria plays then Kam plays then Kailah plays. Only Kam loses and Melissa makes her bury a log which significantly slows her down.

4. Backstabbers

After the card game, competitors put on a suit of armor and race to a game of “swords” which is really a game of pegs. Competitors play in the order they arrive (so first plays with second place) and remove one, two, or three swords at a time. The last person to pull  sword wins and makes their opponent drink hot chocolate, eat cheese, or eat spicy tripe soup. Kyle is defeated by Leroy and eats cheese, Zach beats Cara Maria and makes her drink hot chocolate, and Kailah loses to Tony and drinks hot chocolate. Kam has no opponent, so she just removes all the swords and moves on. After the game the race continues, and despite Leroy being in first, he is passed by Zach and Kyle. Kam, who is so far behind, finishes last.

5. Remember Remember

Only the top two males and females advance, so Leroy, Tony, Kam, and Nicole go home empty handed. Now, the final four must compete for the big money in a game of memory. Competitors have one board of colors and must recreate it on another up the hill. Zach and Cara Maria receive a thirty second head start for finishing first. They’re both close, but the episode ends before the winner is revealed.


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