Champs vs. Stars 2

Which “Champ” Could Become a Real Challenge Champion On ‘Champs vs. Stars?’

This season, the “Champs” include seven individuals who have never even won a Challenge. This crop of people includes Shane, who has yet to even see a final. However, Champs vs. Stars will kind of give these people a chance to become real champions, so here is my ranking of leasts to most likely to become a Champion on Champs vs. Stars.

7. Aneesa– Her best bet is to rely on the fact that she’s good a puzzles, but if the past seasons are any indication, Aneesa will really need to work to get a win. On Champs vs. Stars 1 her teammates considered her a liability and wanted to get rid of her before the final. I doubt things have changed, and people will try to get rid of her before the end of the season.

6. Devin– I get it, he beat Bananas, but he also lost right before the end of Vendettas in a last-place-goes-home challenge. If Devin manages to perform well this season, his big mouth will get him into trouble and he’ll have to fight to do well.

5. Tori– She has a good showing on Dirty Thirty and Champs vs. Stars 1, but she’s not great a puzzles and lost to Kam in an elimination on Vendettas. While Tori’s a good competitor, there are also other competitors who could out perform him.

4. Shane– Despite having never been to a final, Shane is in great shape. I think he’s capable of handling the stresses of a final, but there are some bigger competitors who could take him out. His best hope is to channel his inner snake and make other competitors turn on each other.

3. Kailah– She sucks at puzzles, but she’s also in great shape. I’m guessing her team will view her as an asset and this may allow her to avoid elimination. If she is in elimination, it could be very chancy.

2. Kam– After winning three eliminations on Vendettas, Kam didn’t advance to the second stage of the final because she was the only one to be punished by the Mercenaries. She has shown a lot of strength and resilience on her first season, and I believe she has what it takes to make it to a final and win.

1. Tony– This may be his best shot at winning. Tony made a lot of enemies on Vendettas, but they’re not on this season. He goes into this season in great shape and with some newfound respect. I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled out the W.


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