Champs vs. Stars 2

Champs vs. Stars: Episode 2 MVPS

The game is spicing up, and the teams are more divided than ever.

The Game: Over the Edge– Human shuffle board. One player shoots, the other sits on the puck. First team to 21 points wins, played in heats. Red team wins.

The Elimination: Rock and Roll– A large “rock” with handles is placed in the center of a platform with sides designated as goals. One for the blue team player, Kam, and the other for the red team player, Brooke. The goal is the pull the rock across your goal twice.

Red Team MVP: Brooke

Despite losing the formal MVP title in the game, Brooke persevered and delivered notable performances. In the challenge she was one of the only girls who could put strength behind her pushes. In elimination, she defeated Kam who was previously undefeated. She really proved she has some strength in this game.

Blue Team MVP: Louise

In a game where the Stars seem to be getting their asses manipulated by the Champs, Louise managed to make a gameplay to give numbers to the Stars on the Blue Team. By forcing a tie, she allowed Kam to get sent into elimination and save Hennessy. To add insult to this move, she told Wes he taught her how the play the game, so he was really the one sending Kam into elimination.

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