The Challenge

Things from Old Challenges You Won’t See on Today’s Challenges

The Challenge began during simpler times. Years ago, competitors were able to The Challenge, have a good time, and make it to the end, and take home a little bit of their team’s bank. Now, The Challenge takes place in a much more cut throat setting where people are secluded from their outside life and spend weeks competing, only to go home thanks to a mercenary. While the level of competition has increased, old school competitors like CT, Veronica, and Aneesa will remember a time when the cast could get away with a lot more. Here are some of the biggest changes to The Challenge.

Being on The Real World or Road Rules was Enough. Now, you need to build a character for yourself on the show and prove you’re worthy of a story line. While people like Nelson, Cory, Kailah, and Ashley have done this in recent years, other people have faded into the background and don’t get asked back. On the older seasons, the cast was filled with a lot of random people. It was almost guaranteed you’d get an invite after your debut season was over and even people without major story lines would be invited back.

People Were Injured. Remember how Colin won Battle of the Sexes despite the fact that his ankle was taped up? Or the fact that the Real World team struggled to get rid of Leah who was medically unable to compete in half of the Inferno challenges? These people would get sent home on today’s seasons while they were allowed to stay on the show 15 years ago.

Children Welcomed. On Battle of the Seasons, Road Rules 3 alumnae Belou brought her child onto the show. On Battle of the Sexes Gladys was seven months pregnant and still invited to compete. This would never be allowed on modern Challenges. In fact, newer mothers are usually ignored due to the possibility that they’d want to be with their children.

Technology Welcomed. While personal cell phones have never really been welcomed, other technology was. Competitors could bring their CD players or a digital camera. Some seasons had photos leaked months prior to airing because cast members would upload them to their Myspaces. While this is an obvious no-no, I’m sure the cast enjoyed being able to listen to music while they worked out.

No Bags Packed. On recent seasons, everyone in the Inquisition or pulling the double cross needed the pack bags prior to facing a possible elimination. While many of these people don’t even see elimination, cast members needed to be prepared for possibly going home. On seasons like The Gauntlet or Battle of the Sexes, cast members packed after getting sent home. Remember Ayanna’s meltdown or Veronica, Rachel, and Abe’s threesome? Those took place after a cast member was eliminated.

Leaving the House. The Challenge is currently like an adult summer camp. You can have alcohol and there are scheduled activities, but you can’t leave as your own leisure. This is a big complaint from old schoolers, who are accustomed to off days and leaving the house. Rumor has it that Darrell and Derrick spent the night at a local’s house while filming Fresh Meat and Aneesa spent the night at someone’s house on The Inferno 3. While I can’t confirm these rumors, there’s no doubt these things could not happen on a current Challenge.
The Introduction. Now, we just get a collection of clips from the season. It wasn’t that long ago that the cast had to take a day and film an introduction scene. Sometimes they had a band join them, like Yellowcard on The Inferno, and other times they had to do traditional Kiwi dances. Either way, we won’t see those again.
You Could Save Yourself. Or you could save a teammate. Lifeshields were an opportunity to avoid nomination or replace a nominee with someone more deserving of an elimination round. They caused a lot of drama, especially when Veronica was involved.
There have been lots of changes on The Challenge over the years, and I sure we will see more in the future. For the old school fans, this post may bring some good memories, but in the next five years some fans will think of Bloodlines as the good ol’ days.


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