Challenge: Final Reckoning

The Challenge Final Reckoning: Top Moments from Episode 14

It’s been so long since we’ve seen a challenge that I forgot challengers were part of The Challenge.

1. Banana’s Butthole

The episode opens with Marie coming to a realization: the Lavender Ladies aren’t going to protect her. Yes, they like her, but she’s also paired with Cara Maria. Cara Maria is “up Banana’s butthole” according to Ashley, and that places Marie on a team opposing the Lavender Ladies. Clearly, this means Marie will no longer receive the protection of the Ladies.

2. Top Down

The Challenge is named What Goes Up, Must Come Down. The race is played in three stages. First, the teams climb flights of stairs to the roof of a building. Second, one player is suspended over the edge of the building and relays an answer key to their teammate who assembles the puzzle. Then, the two teammates race down the side of the building. The females are significantly slower, so the competition comes down to Shane & Nelson or Bananas & Tony. The Lavender Ladies try to heckle Bananas as he tells Tony the answers to the puzzle, but their heckling fails. Bananas & Tony win the challenge and get the power vote.

3. Girl Powerless

Marie plays card with Ashley, Shane, and Sylvia. They reveal they’re voting her into elimination. This surprised Marie, even though she should have known she wasn’t working with the Lavender Ladies. Mostly, it’s because she was genuinely friends with these people. When the cast goes to the club Marie starts to fight with Sylvia and she starts calling people “corny.” Marie insists she doesn’t want to talk about this, but the fights start just as quickly as they stop.

4. Face Off

Back at the house, Marie and Sylvia resume their fighting. Sylvia doesn’t have much to say to Marie and their fight is going to circles. Not one to back down, Marie is ready to go “nose to nose” with Sylvia. With Marie in her face, Sylvia headbutts Marie’s face to get her to back off. According to Marie this is “weak AF,” but it’s clear their friendship is crumbling. At least Sylvia doesn’t have to go home.

5. Not-So-Surprise Vote

Even though Bananas & Tony won, the Lavender Ladies and Team Young Buck have four votes so they’re the majority. This results in Cara Maria and her new “friend” Marie getting sent to Armageddon. No one is surprised, though TJ is surprised that Marie is ready to fight in elimination. The only shocker is when they choose to face Shane & Nelson in elimination. The biggest non-surprise is the episode ends before the elimination starts.

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  1. I don’t get why Sylvia didn’t have to go home or at least get a warning for headbutting Marie. Other players have gone home for pushing.

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