Challenge: Final Reckoning

The Challenge Final Reckoning: Top Moments from Episode 15

Odd episode. One team leaves, two come back. No real challenge, yet the episode felt good.

1. Amazing Race

Cara Maria & Marie face Shane & Nelson in a competition named Meet Me Half Way. Competitors start on opposite sides of a maze holding a key and must break through walls to arrive at a chest. Once at the chest, both keys will be used to open it and the team must smash through more walls to ring a bell. Both teams start off with steam, but the guys are moving faster. Marie hits a wall made of plastic wrap and can’t get through it. This allows the guys to smash through the walls, open their chest, and win their second elimination this season.

2. Girl’s Game

Now that no girl/girl teams remain in the game, Cara Maria and Kam work to ensure a girl/girl team gets back into the game. They agree to compete against each other if someone pulls the double cross. This new alliance angers Kyle, who tells Cara Maria that Kayleigh is part of Team Young Buck due to her relationship with Nelson. He also says he’s never trusted Kayleigh, which is an insult to his UK friend. Once news gets back to Kayleigh she confronts Kyle but this turns into a screaming match with Brad.

3. Picking and Choosing

TJ tells the cast that two teams will pull the double cross and eight people will compete in Redemption. Kayleigh and Brad pull the double cross, and they begin to weigh their options. Kam tries to devise a plan to get Kyle & Brad to pick Cara Maria & Marie to take into Redemption, but things change at Armageddon. First, Zach & Amanda get sent home because Zach’s nose is broken. Then, Kayleigh decides to compete against Cara Maria & Marie because she’s not sure Kyle will pick them. Brad chooses to compete against Paulie & Natalie, so Da’Vonne & Jozea are sent home.

4. Lucky Winners

The Redemption game is called That’s the Ticket. It’s places one competitor in a lottery drum and the competitor must find five specific balls with their lucky numbers on it. The other teammate will be spinning their opponent’s drum, making it as difficult as possible to deposit their lucky numbers. The first heat is played by Kam & Kayleigh and Cara Maria & Marie. Both Kam and Cara Maria do a good job of spinning, but Cara Maria figures out how to change tempos to throw Kayleigh off balance. This works, and Marie is focused enough to get her five balls. Surprise! Marie finally wins something!

5. Big Ballers

The second heat is played by Kyle & Brad and Paulie & Natalie. At first, Kyle is spinning the drum insanely fast and Natalie can’t get any grounding. On the other hand, Paulie struggles to spin the drum really fast because Brad is heavier than him. Eventually, Kyle gets exhausted and Natalie learns she needs to move with the momentum of the drum. While Paulie almost completely burns out, Natalie eventually finds the balls she needs and manages to win. After weeks in Redemption, Paulie & Natalie finally get back into the main house.


    1. Wow. Aggressive. I know she won on Seasons, but I’m echoing her tone from the episode IE her confessional during That’s the Ticket where she says she wants to prove she’s more than just a lay up.

  1. It seemed like production was determined to give a girl/girl team another try at the big house…it seemed a little contrived to have so many teams coming back.

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