The Challenge

The Perfect Gifts for All Challenge Fans

It’s officially Christmas season! If you have pocket lined with cash, here are some gifts you can get for your favorite Challenge fans. Throughout the years there have been some standout items on the show. Some of these items are practical and logical. Some of these items are just jokes, and some of these items check both boxes. Regardless, surprise your Challenge-obsessed friends with these gifts.

1. Dress like Bananas next Halloween. Or any day of the year, really.

2. A DVD Set of Rivals 2. This is the only Challenge season on DVD. You can also find Real World Season 1: New York, Real World Las Vegas (2002), Real World Las Vegas (2011), Real World Ex-Plosion, and Are You the One? Season 1 on DVD.

3. Regrow your hair like Shane. This is the helmet he uses. He swears it helps.

4. Dreadlock Extensions if you want to have Cara Maria’s hair. Seriously, she has said she orders her hair on Amazon Prime. Makes pulling her look off seriously easy.

5. This borderline dangerous Lip Plumper. Most of the girls on Final Reckoning showed up with unnaturally fat lips. This can give your favorite Challenge fan the artificial lips worthy of a UK tabloid.

6. A massive tub of mayonnaise. So you can train yourself to binge eat like Tony.

7. Some Challenge merch! Derrick K. and his co-host Scott Yager host the Challenge Mania podcast, and they have a whole store dedicated to preserving Challenge memories. If you know someone obsessed with Kailah, Paulie, Britni, Mark Long or Cara Maria then you should check out their stuff! Johnny Bananas has his own merch store. Somehow a lot of the stuff is sold out, but a lot of the stuff is still in stock! Redbubble also has some random products available.

8. Facetime in the 2018th Century with a new iPadOr you could just use it to watch The Challenge.

9. An Apple TV or Amazon Fire Stick to stream The Challenge through the MTV app. You’ll need to have MTV to gain access. Or you can pay for seasons individually.

10. Under Armour. Obviously any Challenge fan knows Under Armor is the official uniform.

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season!


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