Challenge: War of the Worlds

The Challenge War of the Worlds: Top Moments from Episode 1

We’re bacK! After a two month break, a new season of The Challenge has hit the air. After last week’s episode, we have no time to waste. We go right into a challenge.

1. The Dunes

The first Challenge of the season is named Impending Dune. Competitors must retrieve a ball that has rolled down a Namibian sand dun and bring it back up the dune to retrieve puzzle pieces. Once the pieces are retrieved, they race back down the dune and complete the puzzle. For the new prospects, this Challenge is extra important because it’s a Purge. Last male and last female newbie to complete it will go straight home. For the veterans, it’s a chance to show off and maybe earn some power. Once the challenge begins, the guys start running for their balls except for Leroy who takes the opportunity to tackle Chase. The first person to complete their puzzle is Paulie, and Ashley C. is the first newbie. Once one person finishes, a fire is lit under everyone’s asses. People get anxious and Alan falls coming down the dune. It gets to the point where only Gus and Josh are the only two left, but Gus finishes meaning Josh has been Purged.

2. The Dune Nots

Now, the girls compete. Some of the girls are not in the best shape, but the fear of getting Purged lights a fire under their asses as well. Da’Vonne impresses everyone and finishes first while Natalie D. aka “Ninja” takes the first place spot for the newbies. Then, everyone else feels the pressure. Girls keep finishing, until Cara Maria is the last veteran. Zahida and Liz are the last newbies, but Zahida manages to finish. This means Liz is Purged and the Nolan twins will be separated.

3. The Chase is On

The veterans are convinced their ranking in Impending Dune will determine the order they’ll pick partners. This is an opportunity to mingle and meet the newbies. Being single for the first time in three years, Nany is being extra friendly. This results in Chase flirting with her and talking about horoscopes. However, Nany’s flirtatious vibe isn’t reserved for Chase. She twerks on her old fling: Johnny Bananas. Chase feels betrayed, but Nany says she barely knows Chase. She has no loyalty to him. At the same time, she knows they could become partners so she needs to handle the situation with some level of respect.

4. Lose Yourself

Theo compares Ashley M. to Eminem’s mother in 8 Mile. This angers Ashley who starts to yell at Theo and tell him he’ll be the first person to go home. Hunter advises Theo to just apologize to Ashley because he’ll never win. Regardless, Ashley continues to berate Theo because she’s a champion and he’s just a newbie. Theo insists it was a compliment, but Ashley isn’t having it.

5. Team Time

The whole cast gathers and TJ reveals it’s time to pick teams. However, the newbies will get to pick their partners in the order they completed Impending Dune. Before the draft begins, TJ announces Alan cannot continue in the game because he broke his arm when he fell during the challenge. Then, the newbies pick in the following order:

  • Ninja picks Paulie
  • Ashley C. picks Kam
  • Morgan picks Bananas
  • Bear picks Da’Vonne
  • Georgia picks Hunter
  • Theo picks Cara Maria
  • Julia picks CT
  • Turbo picks Nany
  • Dee picks Wes
  • Joao Paulo (JP) picks Natalie
  • Mattie picks Kyle
  • Chase picks Ashley
  • Shaleen picks Leroy
  • Zahida is paired with Zach by default

This leaves Gus with the option to pick Jenna or Amanda. He picks Jenna, and Amanda’s fate is unknown because Alan is going home. Fortunately, Josh is brought back to be her partner. This makes the final two teams:

  • Gus and Jenna
  • Josh and Amanda


  1. Now that the teams are official, you thinking about doing a ranking of the pairs and who you think has the best shot at winning?

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