Challenge: War of the Worlds

The Challenge War of the Worlds: Top Moments from Episode 4

1. Rise from the Fallout

This week’s Challenge is high off the ground! The game is called Fallout and the goal is for one teammate to jump onto a swinging beam and then jump to ring a dangling bell. The other teammate is standing on top of a contraption to swing the beam. Paulie & Ninja go first, and of course the American Ninja Warrior excels in this challenge. Other teams struggle, and many people fall which results in a disqualification. For the most part, the people you’d expect to complete this Challenge do it. Turbo, Theo, and Zach all get the the final bag. The last team to complete is Hunter & Georgia, and she makes it to the end. The three fastest teams, therefore making the Tribunal, are Paulie & Ninja, Nany & Turbo, and Hunter & Georgia.

Then TJ drops a bomb, this week will be a double elimination.

2. Revenge In the Air

At the Tribunal meeting, Paulie obviously casts his vote for Kyle & Mattie. Hunter is mad at Josh for voting him into the first elimination, so he casts his vote for Amanda & Josh. Nany doesn’t want to make new enemies nor does she want to anger the UK kids, so she burns her vote on CT & Julia. At the tribunal meetings, Paulie and Kyle yell at each other. Paulie explains that this isn’t because of Cara Maria, he just hates Kyle. This results in a screaming match where Paulie jumps off his podium and confronts Kyle face-to-face. Hunter also yells at Amanda, as she is mad her friend voted her in.

3. Fright Night

The cast has a costume party where every girl thinks she’s Harley Quinn or a cat. During the party, Paulie and Kyle continue fighting because Paulie wants to prove just how much Cara doesn’t love him. Kyle calls Cara a slut during the exchange and this angers Cara, so Paulie gets riled up. Like they always do, the get face-to-face but keep their arms to their side because we all know no one is going to fight. Production intervenes, and Cara Maria eventually tells Paulie to let it go. Regardless, it was a huge damper on the party and no one even fought.

4. Double Elimination Double Drama

At the Killing Floor, every member of the Tribunal votes for exactly who they initially voted for until Turbo has to cast his vote. Rather than force a three-way tie, he gives a long speech and votes for Kyle & Mattie. They’re definitely going in, and Kyle decides to vote in Natalie & JP. He doesn’t want to vote in Cara Maria because he’s eternally grateful that she took him to the final on Vendettas, so he settles for voting in her friend. Then, TJ lets Natalie & JP vote in another team. JP is a true competitor, so he shoots for the stars and sends in CT & Julia. Then, TJ explains there will be two heats in this elimination. The winner of the male heat stays and the winner of the female heat stays. There is potential to have a new team form.

5. Rings of Fury

The elimination is called Ring Tossed and the competitors start in a circle holding onto two of three rings. The goal is to be the first person to gain sole control of two rings. The girls go first, and Mattie drags the other two girls and wins. Not a surprise. Then, the guys go. JP quickly loses control of his ring shared with Kyle, leaving CT to fend off two competitors. He seems to be in control, but Kyle snatches his second ring from him. This means Kyle wins and he returns to the game with Mattie as his partner.


  1. This season is already wayyy better than recent past seasons! Well done with the editing and the physical challenges / eliminations. We’re getting a challenge and elimination in each episode like the good old days, and no BS overly dramatic cliffhangers so far. Last season they would have stretched out the Paula Cara Kyle triangle and it wouldn’t have seen the elimination.

  2. I agree. This season is more like the old days and I’m loving it. I am very disappointed that CT lost. I really hate to see him go. I was glad that Ashley and Bananas lost but karma’s a bitch as they say.

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