Challenge: War of the Worlds

The Challenge War of the Worlds: Top Moments from Episode 13

Right were we left off from last week. Will Paulie sacrificed himself to the Killing Floor? Short answer: no.

1. Brawls of Fury

At the Killing Floor, the Tribunal select Kyle to compete in Hall Brawl, meaning Paulie does not offer to compete and cannot be selected by Kyle. So, Theo is called out. The game is a classic elimination, and the first to ring the bell twice wins. In the first heat, Kyle manages to outrun Theo. It becomes clear that Kyle is the muscle here and Theo will be the speed. In the second round, Theo outruns Kyle. This is because he drags Kyle, meaning Kyle will have to get up and run to the bell while Theo just needs to sprint. After a longer fight, the third round goes to Theo as well, giving him a come from behind victory.

2. Experiencing Turbolence 

We finally see the debut of Challenge Airways in a challenge named Crash Landing. The goal is to complete a puzzle while seated in an airplane seat in a makeshift plane rolling in the sky. The first three to complete the puzzle correctly, jump from the plane, then swim to shore will become the Tribunal. The fastest male and female will bypass next week’s Challenge and go straight to the final. Turbo gets through the puzzle first, followed by Cara Maria. If they’re correct, they’ll go to the final. The cast continue to face their fears of planes, swimming, and heights (or puzzles if you’re Hunter) and jump to shore. In the end. Turbo and Cara Maria earn a spot in the final while Paulie joins those two in the Tribunal.

3. Tribunal Grudges 

At the Tribunal, Paulie decides to send in Dee because she is working with Wes. Turbo wanted to send in Dee after she argued with him last week to defend Ninja. So, Turbo settles on sending in Ninja. Cara Maria decides to send in Da’Vonne because she make a deal with Mattie and Dee while they were in the Tribunal with Wes. When questing the girls, Da’Vonne is assured she’s safe while Ninja and Dee revisit their fight with Turbo.

4. Old Friends New Vendettas

While Ninja continues to be hurt that Turbo rejected her apology after last week’s argument, Dee becomes frustrated. This frustration is increased when Turbo confesses he prayed that he’d be able to send Ninja and Dee to the Killing Floor. While Dee understands Turbo’s emotions on some level, she remains adamant he should accept the apology. Turbo states he knows Dee or Ninja will return if they go to elimination, then he will move on from this argument.

5. Staging the War

The Tribunal sends in Dee, as Paulie and Turbo say her name. Cara Maria surprises Da’Vonne by voting her in, but ultimately Da’Vonne is safe. That is, until Dee decides to compete against Da’Vonne in the Killing Floor. The stage is set for a game of Tug O’ War, but we won’t see the winner until next week.

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