Challenge: War of the Worlds

The Challenge War of the Worlds: Top Moments from Episode 15

We’re going to do things a little different today. Rather than top moments, this is going to be more of an assessment for each competitor.

The Beginning

The casts preps for the final. Turbo stuffs himself with food then runs on the treadmill because he has been warned of the eating challenges. Wes talks to Georgia and Theo, telling them the final will be hell. Then, TJ sends a rusty old car named the Pain Locker to pick up the competitors.

The Challenge

TJ welcomes the six competitors to The Death Path, a race with multiple laps and check points. The path is shaped like a figure eight, with one half being running and one half being biking. The competitors must complete a total of four laps (24 miles total) around the Death Path. They also must complete five check points being:

  • Rampage- Competitors must use a pole to push a ball up a ramp and get it into a hole. If the ball falls off the ramp, they start over.
  • So Rolled- Competitors must roll a tire in between an opening in a larger tire.
  • On Point- Competitors must successfully toss a ring on each peg of a peg board. Six pegs total.
  • Pyramid Scheme- A puzzle where competitors must complete a pyramid-shaped puzzle where colors must be uniform. No one completes this.
  • Skulled Out- Competitors must complete a vertical puzzle in the shape of a skull.

Once four laps and all five check points have been completed, the competitor’s time is locked.

The Competitors


The first person to tap out. Georgia felt delirious during her first lap around the Death Path. She called for a medic, and this ended her run on The Challenge. It may have looked like she tapped out early, but if she could not finish one lap, she’s not going to do well in the final.


The other girl who quit in the final, Mattie made it much father than Georgia. During her fourth lap she basically sat down and basically never got back up. TJ said she was a good competitor who needed to stop smoking cigarettes. In other words, Mattie quit and didn’t get a lashing from TJ. Just some health advice.


Hunter completed the Death Path, but had the slowest time. He blames his difficulty with puzzles, which certainly contributed. He also struggled with the runs and the biking and slowed down significantly in his second half. He said that he’d finish even if he had to crawl to the finish line, and true to his word he did finish.

Cara Maria

I have to say, she seemed to have one of the best attitudes going into this final. Perhaps having seven prior finals under he belt will do that to you. Despite this, she didn’t have the best showing. She came in fifth and struggled with most of the check points. It seems like she complains about jenky carnival games each season yet does nothing to improve. They’re guaranteed in the final, and most of them have to do with having a steady hand and accuracy. Still, she did pretty well.


Ninja seemed to struggle at first, having to see a medic at one point. Once all of her signs were normal, she went back to running and seemed to do better in the second half. She had the best score for the girls, but still did worse then three boys. I will say, she seems to be in better shape than most going into the second half of the final.


Turbo spent most of his confessionals talking about how his body was in pain but he just wouldn’t let himself quit. This is all nice, but it seems like he’s in rough shape. There was no eating in the first half of the final, so his early-episode feast was for nothing.


Out of all the vets, Wes seemed to be the best prepared for this final. He was chasing Theo most of the time and seemed to have a good pace. Later in the final he started to slow down and strategically used the check points. Because there’s time caps, he would just wait for the check point to time out and use them as rests. Honestly, not the worst strategy because these are carnival games and he wasn’t prepared.


Going into the final, Wes tried to psych Theo out. In the end, Theo was the best competitor. He finished first, which isn’t a huge surprised considering he is a trained sprinter and runner. However, he also seemed to get through a lot of the check points quickly. His performance was easily the best out of all, and he also isn’t in the worst shape going into the next half of the final.

After The Death Path

Once all six competitors finished, TJ sent the cast to get “nutrients.” In other words, they were hooked up to an IV so they wouldn’t be dehydrated. Cara Maria cried because she insists that needles are her biggest fear. She refuses the IV.

TJ then shocks the cast. Theo, Wes, and Turbo are making up one final Tribunal. Cara Maria, Ninja, and Hunter are all in jeopardy.

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