Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

War of the Worlds 2: Screenshots from the Trailer

By this point, you’ve probably seen the War of the Worlds 2 trailer. You probably haven’t analyzed every screen of the trailer. Luckily, I’m here to make this process possible for you.

Here are screenshots of everything in the War of the World 2 trailer. Keep in mind, there may be spoilers or spoiler-related materials here. You’ve been warned, but out of all the trailers I’ve broken down, I think this contains the least revealing information.

The trailer begins with a clip from the War of the Worlds final. I’m not putting that here. You’ve seen it.
Some shots of Thailand:

Another war begins:

TJ has been having too much fun on recent seasons:Thailand again. But you can see the Challenge logo this time.The cast in uniform:

Two trucks, one with a US flag and one with UK:

Likely a shot from the elimination arena:
A project made by an unpaid MTV intern:Welcome to the jungle you cheeky cunts: Wednesday, August 28th:

Challenge logo and the cast:

Challenge MTVThe cast. Georgia,Nicole B, Jenny, Bear, Theo, Idris, Cara Maria and Nany are all visible:

Team Killa Maria:Cara Maria War of the Worlds 2Paulie borrowing one of Cara Maria’s nose rings:Kam is back:Kam MTV War of the Worlds 2Bear:

This is what the Challenge flag looks like this season:

TJ announces the winning team will split a million dollars. Everyone cheers (Johnny, Kyle and Joss seen below) while Ashley is thinking “split? yea… right….”:

Kyle ChristieBear in an elimination against a guy with a thigh tattoo:

The Biggest Allies:

Tori, Nany, Zach and then Jordan at the end:

Turbo with his new Challenge-branded mouth guard:Turbo The Challenge MTVJoss and Rogan ready for battle, Jordan watching:Jordan pulls a bamboo raft through the water with Nany and Ninja so he knows how it feels to be a swamp donkey:Sorry, I muted the trailer during this part:Team “UK” running with their flag, Nicole and Ninja are visible:Team UK War of the Worlds 2The challenges where they fight in the mud always end up being my favorite:The bloodies battles:The muddiest battles. Kayleigh, Cara Maria and Dee roll in mud:

Two competitors skim above water during a challenge:
War of the Worlds 2
Bananas during a slingshot challenge. Tori, Josh, Kam and Zach can all be seen in the background:

The CT and Josh fight. Production and Kyle hold CT back while Josh seems to resort to screaming in another room:

CT Josh fight War of the Worlds 2CT fight MTVJosh fight MTVCT is pissed:

CT War of the Worlds 2It’s a brave:

Joss diving for the bell:

Idris rams into Wes who collapses:

New:Georgia throws a drink at Bear:

Georgia in elimination:

Now Paulie is yelling as Josh:

Paulie fight War of the World 2

Wes vaping:


Bananas is the face of America, carrying the flag:

Leroy pulling himself in a challenge:A male elimination:

Cara Maria swims:

Zach is launched into the air by a pulley. RIP to his shoe:

Zach War of the Worlds 2 A new concept: Heights over water:

Interesting looking challenge. Teams pull themselves across ropes in a basket. One team is falling:

Some type of a moving water obstacle course. Perhaps in lieu of a challenge on top of a truck?:

The ChallengeTheo jumping:Theo War of the Worlds 2:Bananas making his toast to “Bloody fucking Hell.” Guess the cast didn’t get the memo of the name change:

Another challenge above water. Notice the guy with the thigh tattoo again:

Two females during a Challenge, Cara Maria jumping off a cliff:

SUPERSIZED PREMIER! Coming August 28th at 8PM:

War of the Worlds 2 logoThe trailer ends with 30 seconds of footage from War of the Worlds 1. You’ve already seen this.

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