Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

CT or Tubro: Did Team USA Make the Right Choice?

With their choice of Reinforcements, Team USA members found themselves split. On one hand, there’s Turbo who just won War of the Worlds. He’s fast, kind, strong, and has endurance for days. On the other hand, there’s CT. He’s big, tough, loud, and potentially violent.

In the end, the Americans picked the Turkish guy and CT was sent to Team UK.Did USA make the right choice?


With Turbo, there’s a few things you don’t need to question. He will try his hardest and he will remain loyal. He’s a straight shooter and he isn’t going to stab someone in the back. These are great traits if he’s working with you, but awful traits if he’s working against you. Granted, you’d know that Turbo is your opponent, but he will be a really tough opponent to defeat.

Picking Turbo on Team USA pretty much guarantees he will work with Team USA. He will be loyal to them and help them win.


We can’t ignore the fact that Dad Bod CT has his flaws. He’s still strong and he still has willpower. However, his speed and endurance have come into question. After his elimination on War of the World 1, his strength has also come into question. But, he still has a great track record. He’s huge and he is not the person you want to see on the opposite side of you in elimination.

There are many challenges where having a tank like CT on your team is going to benefit you. On a team Challenge, keeping CT on your side is going to diversify your team and give you more skills.

CT or Turbo?

Picking Turbo makes sense in this regard. CT is going to maintain his friendships and alliances regardless of which team he plays on. Send him to team UK guarantees an ally on enemy lines. You sent Turbo to Team UK and he dedicates 100% of his energy to team UK. He’s not going to help Team US at all, in fact, he’d be a huge hindrance to them.

Still, we can’t ignore the fact that CT is going to pissed that he’s on Team UK. Aside from Kyle, he doesn’t really have friends over there and he’s as good as a rookie. Luckily, the rules of this game are going to benefit CT. He could go into elimination and transition to Team USA. But, I don’t see that happening. I doubt the UK kids will want to send CT into elimination. If they do, he’ll try to compete against a strong UK competitor. The American Tribunal will grant him his wish, he’s likely to win in the Proving Ground, then take all of his strength to the US team and weaken team UK. In the end, I think CT has secured himself a comfortable spot on the wrong team.

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