Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2: Top Moments from Episode 6

1. Semi Sibling Rivalry

Paulie Josh fight Big Brother

With the US in shambles, tempers are running high. Josh claims he looked up to Paulie like a “Big Brother” but he’s also aware that Paulie will play his own game and not look out for Josh. This leads to Josh confronting Paulie about sending in Bananas after giving him his word that he wouldn’t. Paulie deflects and says Josh has gone back on his word before, so he should shut his mouth! The two guys yell, Paulie charges like he’s going to fight, production steps in, and things deescalate. Still, the division on team US is clear and Leroy wants to mend broken relationships and make the team work together.

2. The Wrong Flight

This week’s challenge is trivia! In Explosive Decision UK and US competitors go head to head and must answer trivia questions until someone is wrong. An incorrect answer means your seat gets flung into the air. First team to get six points wins. For some reason, only six competitors compete for each team while the other thirteen competitors just sit around and do nothing. Team US gets six points before the US can even get one, but there are some dumb mistakes. The worst mistake is made by Nicole who thinks there are 50 seconds in 3 minutes. In the end, Team US wins again. Nany is the speaker and takes Leroy and Ninja to the Tribunal with her.

3. A World Apart

At the Tribunal, Nicole seems confident Esther will be sent into elimination. Meanwhile, Esther wants Nicole to go in. After all, Nicole has never performed well. Nicole thinks Esther is the worst competitor, but only six people vote Esther into elimination. Meanwhile, the remaining seven “Brits” send in Nicole. It becomes clear that Nicole has allies and those who are not in her circle want to break the alliance. Nicole then tells the Tribunal she’d like to compete against Esther. However, the Tribunal is conflicted. Do they try to send in a strong competitor but risk that competitor coming back and targeting the people who voted her in? Or do they give Nicole who she wants and avoid a potential target?

4. Love in the Tears

The cast goes clubbing, and Georgia and Dee talk. It starts with Georgia asking why Dee voted in Nicole, but the conversation turns into Dee and Rogan’s relationship. Georgia says Nicole told her that Dee will be “forgotten” when Rogan gets home and implies Rogan is just involved with Dee for his alliance to have more numbers. Dee gets upset. She is friends with Georgia despite being in different alliances so she trusts her. Dee starts crying, but Rogan comes to comfort her and he may have slipped and said he loves Dee. This makes her happy, and she realizes her tears only led to a stronger relationship.

5. Transparent Strategy

Jenny West the Challenge

At the Proving Ground, Ninja wants to send in Jenny while Nany wants to send in Esther. This leaves Nany’s friend Leroy to break the tie, but he sides with Ninja and sends in Jenny. He wants to make a big move and the team agreed to take a stab at a strong competitor. So Jenny and Nicole compete in a game called Trapped. In this competition they must assemble a puzzle by memorizing a key. The catch? The key is at the bottom of a 20 foot glass tower and the girls must shimmy up the tower to assemble the puzzle. Both girls struggle to get up the tower, but unsurprisingly Nicole struggles more. Jenny gets multiple attempts at solving the puzzle before Nicole and climb the tower twice and Jenny takes home the win. Meanwhile, Georgia is sobbing like someone is about to murder Nicole. In the end, Jenny sticks with team UK.

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