Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2: Top Moments from Episode 9

Another day, another drama.

1. Shipping and Manhandling

The challenge is called Under Siege and it places the Challengers in a shipping crate where they must solve a puzzle. A crane lifts one side of the crate, putting the playing field at an extreme slope and making it difficult to assemble the puzzle. Players slide from one side of the crate to another while “debris” (which is really just yoga balls) flies around with them. The men go first, but fail to complete the puzzle in 15 minutes. Joss does manage to anger Turbo by nailing him in the head with a yoga ball. Then the women go, and they fail to complete the puzzle as well. So TJ resets the playing field with half of the puzzle complete. This allows the US men to solve it quickly, though the UK men are not far behind. Regardless, Josh is speaker of the US Tribunal and he picks Ninja and Leroy to join him.

2. Alliance Compliance

Team UK votes in Idris. There isn’t much of a discussion. So, the Tribunal asks him who he’d like to face. He points a target at Theo, but the Tribunal doesn’t really care. The real issue lies within their decision. Josh wants to send in Joss because he’s a strong competitor, but Ninja wants to send in Theo. Really, this conversation is because Ninja is not aligned with Theo but she is aligned with Joss. So, Josh wants to take a stab at one of the “cult’s” allies.

3. Love and War

Bored, Theo decides it’s time to pick on Paulie for entertainment. Essentially, this is a dick waving content where Theo claims to be the stronger and could beat Paulie in a fight. Then Paulie gets in Theo’s face, but no one is really fighting. Theo brings up the fact that Kyle slept with Cara, but Paulie brags that he took another man’s woman. It’s all pointless, and once it looks like the two might actually fight and they’re face-to-face, Paulie basically kisses Theo in a very odd fashion .

4. Breaking Through

At the Proving Ground, Ninja votes in Theo while Josh votes for Joss. Leroy has to break the tie and he sides with Ninja. This shows where he allegiance lies and now Theo is in elimination. The game is called Break Free, and competitors must swing from a platform and smash through a dry wall. This takes multiple attempts, but once through the wall they must complete a puzzle. Theo gets through the wall first, but Idris gets through as well and he has the support of Ashley to help him solve puzzles. He also gets to hear Leroy’s advice, as if Leroy has ever excelled with Puzzles. Still, Idris doesn’t follow commands well and Theo gets his third elimination win. He’s back on Team UK.

5. The Turbonator

Jordan Turbo The Challenge

Back at the house, Jordan and Cara Maria begin to argue. Essentially, the conversations is about Jordan feeling he is in control and that everyone on the team needs to prove themselves to him. Cara takes a sarcastic approach and calls out Jordan for questioning her abilities and Turbo’s abilities. Jordan says that Turbo did win the toughest final in Challenge history but he wasn’t there. Turbo has also been gassed out on challenges this season and hasn’t been a great competitor. Ashley brings this information to Turbo because she’s bored and wants to see the drama… and because she wants Turbo to be a number on her side and to distrust Jordan… but mostly because she’s bored and wants to see the drama. Turbo wants to face Jordan in the Proving Ground, but Jordan says he doesn’t need to prove anything to Turbo. The fight erupts, Turbo gets angrier and angrier, and we get our first cliffhanger of the season.



  1. This episode was comedic gold! Between Leroy’s reaction when Joss’ besties (sorry I have had too much to drink tonight and Can’t remember this bloke’s name) gets out of the pool in his speedo and turbo getting upset that Jordan was copying his walk I almost died!

  2. Ashley had the funniest lines of the season this episode when she spoke out against security interfering with true love and how if someone walked on water, Jordan would say it’s because they can’t swim. lmao

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