The Challenge

People Who Won a Lot, But Still Missed the Final

On Wednesday’s episode we saw Theo go home. He had been fighting an uphill battle, but Providing Ground #4 sent him packing. He fought through three eliminations and made it far into the game only to lose. Meanwhile, some of the guys on his team haven’t been in a single elimination yet.

Theo isn’t alone. Here are some people who won multiple eliminations only to go home before they even saw the final.

Aneesa (The Duel- 3 Wins)

Aneesa fought hard on The Duel despite not being part of the “drama mafia” clique. She took out players one-by-one, but her final elimination against Svetlana took her out right before the final. Despite this, The Duel is one of Aneesa’s best seasons.

Brandon (Cutthroat- 3 Wins)

The Red Team was a team run by seniority. Brad and Tori had control over the team and they had no problem repeatedly sacrificing rookies to keep themselves safe. Brandon went into three eliminations early into the season, but his fourth elimination ended his run. Perhaps this was a good move for Brad and Tori, they did win the season.

Cara Maria (Free Agents- 3 Wins)

Early in Cara Maria’s Challenge life she was a frequent flier in eliminations. On seasons like Rivals 1 & 2 she’d fight her way to the end, but her run in Cutthroat was ended in her fourth elimination. To be fair, she hurt her hand and competed against Laurel in Wrecking Wall. Not only did it play to her weakness, it was also against one of the toughest girls. Laurel would go on to win Free Agents, having to survive four eliminations to get to that final.

Adam & Brittany (Battle of the Exes 2- 3 Wins)

Rookies are no strangers to early eliminations, but Adam & Brittany proved they have some fight in them. They went into three of the earlier eliminations on Exes 2 and won them all. They became scapegoats, and their fourth elimination proved to be their death sentence.

Nia (Battle of the Exes 2- 3 Wins)

Like Adam & Brittany, Nia had to fight through Battle of the Exes 2. She took out three teams, but she would be her own downfall. She didn’t lose an elimination, rather she got kicked off the show after pulling down Jordan’s shorts and diddling his ding dong. Sad she left in such a poor fashion because she was doing so well that season.

Da’Vonne (War of the Worlds- 3 Wins)

After Final Reckoning, Da’Vonne proved she had some fight in her. On War of the Worlds, she proved she was a real threat in the game. She eliminated two teams with her partner Bear, and then she eliminated one girl in a solo elimination. All of her elimination wins got her to the final challenge before the final where she’d ultimately get purged.

Theo (War of the Worlds 2- 3 Wins)

Alliances dominated War of the Worlds 2 and Theo picked the wrong alliance. Despite being a tough competitor, he was taken out by Jordan in a later elimination. Maybe this loss was for the best, as Jordan proposed to Tori after his victory.

Derrick (The Gauntlet 2- 4 Wins)

Derrick has the most wins in a season where he didn’t make it to the final. He was thrown into the first Gauntlet where he won and became team captain. This meant every time the Veterans lost he’d have to go into elimination. He won four times, but the final Gauntlet against Timmy eliminated him just hours before the final. This would be a curse for Derrick who would frequently find himself in the last elimination before the final.

Honorable mentions:

Bananas and Nany won four Battle of the Ex-iles on Battle of the Exes 2, allowing them to fight their way back into the game. Then, they lost in the final Dome because Sarah decided to stab Bananas in his back.

Hunter won two eliminations and one Redemption on Dirty Thirty. His elimination win against Leroy left him with a hurt hand, and ultimately that would get him purged right before the final.

Kam & Kayleigh won two eliminations on Final Reckoning, got purged, lost in redemption, won in redemption, then got purged again. This required them to win three times, though only two were technically elimination wins.

Kyle only technically won twice on War of the Worlds, but he eliminated three competitors. For some unknown reason, production decided one of the eliminations would be one-on-one-on-one. Kyle took out CT and JP on the Killing Floor and would later take out Bear.



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