Real World The Challenge

Zach and Jenna are Engaged!

After five years on The Challenge together, Zach & Jenna are officially engaged!

Zach Nichols Jenna Compono engagement

The two got engaged in New York City’s Rockafella Center on Saturday, Dec. 21, 2019. Jenna posted to her Instagram to share the big news.

Recently, Jenna moved to Michigan to live with Zach. The two appeared on Final Reckoning together as well as War of the Worlds, but they seem to do best on The Challenge when they appear separately.

In real life, they do the best when they’re together. I’m very happy for them and there’s an undeniable bond between the two. While Jenna is wearing the ring, Zach has been seen on the Challenge wearing a collection of colorful shirts handpicked by Jenna.

I can’t wait to see pictures of Zach, Jenna, and Nany at the wedding!

Congratulations to both of them. Below is a picture of the right and Jenna’s cold hands via her Instagram:


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