The Challenge

Is Casey the Worst Challenger Ever?

When it comes to awful competitors, a few names people into people’s heads. If you go back about a decade, Casey would likely be named the worst. She hasn’t done a season since 2009, but her legacy lives on. She is still regarded as one of the worst, but there have been many competitors who have given her a run for her money since.

A while ago, I did an analysis of Danny as one of the worst. Now, it’s time to look at a female competitor who’s up for the title.

Fresh Meat

On Casey’s debut season she made it all the way to the final. This is mostly thanks to Wes pulling her to the end, but it doesn’t discredit the fact that she won five eliminations with him. Despite this, there are very few moment where she can be recognized as a strong competitor. In fact, there are very few moments where she can be recognized as mediocre. She quit a mission and skipped over every checkpoint in Exiles. Then, she came in third in the final. While there isn’t much impressive to note here, the is the fact that she completed all of the long distance runs. That’s more than some competitors can say.

The Duel

Casey was the second girl eliminated this season and barely had an impact on the game. This was her worst season, but she did try to work with the minority alliance. She didn’t make it far, but at least she was part of a strategy.

The Gauntlet 3

Casey Cooper Johnny Bananas

The Gauntlet 3 was an odd season, and it might have been Casey’s best. She was really a middle of the pack player and didn’t have many notable fails. However, she was working with people like Kenny, Evan, Evelyn, Bananas, and Paula. These people were making all of the moves in the game and they were going to protect Casey. If Coral never quit the game, I really think Casey would have made it to the final. The second to last female Gauntlet would have been Coral vs. Evelyn. Then, the Rookies would have protected Casey from going into the final Gauntlet, and she would have made the final. Of course, she volunteered once Coral quit and went home. Did she have to volunteer here? Probably not. I think there’s a very real possibility Robin would have been sent into the Gauntlet to replace Coral, though Casey made that decision easy for the Veterans.

The Ruins

Casey’s final season is probably the season that carries her legacy. On The Ruins she almost made it to the end. Her allies from The Gauntlet 3 were now on the Champs team and they weren’t going to send in the weakest Challenger girl. If it wasn’t for Susie’s ultimatums, Casey could have skated to the final and lost with her team. In the end, she spent the whole season sucking, the was saved because she sucked, and no one was able to challenge the status quo.

Is Casey the Worst

She’s probably not the worst. Here’s the thing about Casey, she always worked with the power alliances. In today’s landscape, she could be compared to someone like Angela or Natalie. She at least had enough common sense to align with people who’d protect her. The true worst competitors are people like Shauvon or Brooke. Their social games were as bad as their physical games.

In terms of actual competition, she was no good. Her worst trait was becoming overcome with fear and refusing to compete. This is a characteristic of a bottom-tier competitor, and a reason someone shouldn’t do a Challenge. She’d never win a final unless carried across the finish line. If it didn’t happen on The Gauntlet 3, it’ll never happen now.

Sadly, we never got to see Casey compete on Battle of the Exes. She was rumored to be Bananas original partner, but declined out of respect to her boyfriend. That dynamic would have been interesting and could have completely changed the season. Since her tenure on the show ends with The Ruins, she will always be considered just another vote. She will never be known as a threat.


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