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Ten Most Feared Challenge Rookies

Each season of The Challenge, we get some newbies thrown into the mix. Typically, we get a bunch of sacrificial lambs, but we occasionally we see newbies who intimidate the veterans. Sometimes these people live up to the expectations, other times their popcorn muscles turn them into flops.

This week we saw Fessy take out Jordan, proving he’s a solid competitor. Sure, Jordan did have a disadvantage because he only has one hand, but Jordan even complimented Fessy’s abilities. He’s got a lot of weight on his frame and he knows how to use it. Ask any of the veterans (which MTV did), and they were intimated by Fessy based on first glance.

Some of the people on this list flopped, while sometimes people like Jay prove they’re worthy competitors. This list is not for the dark horses like Jay, it’s based on impressions from veterans. Also, preference will be given to people who debuted slightly later in Challenge history. No doubt Darrell and CT were intimidating on their rookie seasons, but they weren’t really hurt by the rookie stigma because older seasons had so few seasoned veterans.

Laurel (Fresh Meat 2)

Laurel Stucky

Other girls called Laurel an Amazonian, but there’s no doubt she was ready to compete. She’s an athlete through and through, and her size was just one of the reasons the veterans viewed her has a threat. If you rub Laurel the wrong way, she will speak up. She plays to win, and if she has to take you out in the process, she won’t hesitate.

Ty Ruff (Cutthroat)

For some reason, everyone though Ty was the next generation of The Challenge. He’s built like a machine, it ended up he wasn’t built for The Challenge. The blue team easily sacrificed Big Easy and Derek before this rookie, but when Ty saw elimination, he fizzled hard.

Zach Nichols (Battle of the Seasons)

In a season flooded with rookies, everyone’s eyes went to Thor. The girls flocked to him, the guys feared him, and he was clearly the standout rookie. Of course, he did win the season, but he almost lost to CJ in a game of Hall Brawl. Battle of the Seasons proved Zach’s dominance in the game, and even though he won, it also proved he wasn’t perfect.

Nicole Zanatta (Invasion)

Nicole Zanatta

If there was ever a girl built for The Challenge, it probably wasn’t Nicole. Genetics never stopped her before, and Nicole has spent her whole life training her ass off. By the time she showed up for The Challenge she was flaunting her six-pack and doing bicep curls with other females instead of dumbbells. If her muscles didn’t scare competitors, her personality probably did. She was so confident in herself that she’d call out anyone without hesitation.

Kam Williams (Vendettas)

If Challenge competitors had written off Are You the One, Kam showed up to change people’s minds. If her athleticism didn’t intimidate people, her confidence sure turned a few heads. No one expected her to be easy, but she beat multiple Mercenaries and a Negrotti that season.

Turbo (War of the Worlds)

Turbo the Challenge

He’s not the biggest guy, but his demeanor immediately told people he wasn’t on The Challenge to mess around. The other War of the World prospects thought he was going to be a wild card, and he was. He took the game very seriously, the veterans quickly took note, and he made it to the final (which he won) without seeing a single elimination.

Ninja (War of the Worlds)

Ninja The Challenge

The second Ninja set foot in the Challenge house she started climbing everything and flexing her muscles. Some people liked it, but there’s no doubt she intimidated a few people. On War of the Worlds, we found out she was good at almost everything. Later on we’d find out her biggest weakness: teamwork.

Theo Campbell (War of the Worlds)

Theo Campbell

Sheer size is often the biggest intimidator, but Theo was a bit different. Sure, he’s tall, but he’s also an Olympian. He’s got endurance for days was built to withstand the jenky elimination games that the Challenge throws as players. Perhaps people could outlift him, but when it comes to Challenge games, Theo is the guy no one wanted to face.

Jenny West (War of the Worlds 2)

Jenny West

The fourth season with UK contenders, it was time for the women to through a British Badass into the mix. Don’t get me wrong, Georgia proved she was a tough cookie, but Jenny was a threat the second she walked into the game. Nobody wanted to face her in elimination, and while Tori did defeat Jenny, she was definitely the stand out on the UK team.

Fessy Shafaat (Total Madness)

Fessy Shafaat

Easily the biggest Big Brother contestant based on physical size, Fessy also proved to be bigger than most of the Challenge competitors. He’s a D1 football player, knows how to steamroll people, and the veterans didn’t know what showed up.

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