Challenge: Total Madness

The Challenge Total Madness: Top Moments from Episode 12

Last week’s episode was a mess. This week? A little less messy. At least it was 90 minutes.

1. In the Dumps

This week’s challenge is called Tanks A Lot. The cast is divided into teams of three and have to carry as much trash as they can across a field and fill a dumpster. TJ tells them when to stop, and the two teams with the heaviest bins will advance to stage two. The second stage requires teams to pull some heavy sleds across the field. First team to move all their sleds across the field becomes the Tribunal. The cast quickly realizes the way to win is to move smaller but heavier pieces of metal. Rogan starts rolling metal scraps in a barrel, but Kyle hurts his finger moving trash. Meanwhile, Cory feels a pull in his ankle but pushes through the pain. When TJ ends the heat, the two teams with two girls have the heaviest bins. This puts Fessy, Dee, and Bayleigh against Kyle, Jenny, and Aneesa. The first trio wins because Aneesa gasses out.

2. Bashing Skulls

Josh still needs to get a Red Skull, but he doesn’t want to be the house vote. He tells Fessy to bring him into the Tribunal, and Fessy can try, but he’s annoyed by Josh. It seems Josh wants a Red Skull, but he wants to minimize all risk associated with getting the skull. Fessy has three people he’d like to help, and Josh is making the situation about himself.

3. Friends and Family

At the house deliberation, Cory and Kyle are looking for the vote. Cory wants a reason to stay in the game after he spoke with his daughter Ryder and she’s missing him. Kyle also feels worthless after he continuously loses challenge and hasn’t gone into Purgatory yet. So the house votes, and it seems there’s a divide. Many people vote for Cory, but Kyle’s friends vote for him. Josh is friends with both, but votes for Cory. When Melissa votes, she says Kyle and takes a jab at Josh’s disloyalty. After Josh voted Dee into elimination last week Melissa views him as a snake, and now he’s going against Kyle. The two argue, but Cory is ultimately voted into elimination.

4. No Skull Club

Unsurprisingly, the Tribunal sends in the three guys without Red Skulls. Bayleigh wants Swaggy to get his chance, Fessy spoke to Josh, and Kyle is the easy third nominate (Dee probably rallied for him, but this is edited out). Kyle reiterates that he feel useless in the game, but Fessy feels he doesn’t owe Kyle anything. Swaggy says he wants to go in if can get a skull and it’s physical, but Bayleigh thinks she should go in regardless. Josh wants to get his skull because he doesn’t know if he’ll get another chance. Bayleigh wants Swaggy, and Fessy doesn’t want to lose an ally in Josh or Cory by setting up that match, Dee gets to say one word “,cool,” throughout the entire edit.

5. Failure to Launch

At the Tribunal, Swaggy gets sent in though Dee voted for Kyle. So the match is Cory vs. Swaggy. The game is called Launch Button. The competitors are on a harness and need to swing to push 20 buttons to light 20 lights. Pressing a button twice will turn the light off. This is good for Cory because he’s off his hurt ankle. Immediately, no one knows how to maneuver in the harness. Once they get rhythm, Swaggy seems to take a lead, but he’s clumsy and turning off lights. Cory move slowly and steadily, making no mistakes. This allows Cory to beat Swaggy and take the victory and Red Skull.


  1. I’m just trying to wrap my head around the fact that Dee was completely edited out of this episode, we did just not hear any word from her, but at times, it felt like she was cropped out of frame. Did something happen outside the show? As much as I hate her sometimes, she’s definitively a main competitor this season, so it was surprising.

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