Challenge: Total Madness

Is Nany Cut Out for The Challenge?

After nine seasons on the show, Nany lost another elimination. Once again, she made it far into the game, but once again she’s out close to the final.

If we’re being really honest with ourselves, her Challenge record is pretty awful. Nine seasons, nine elimination losses, three wins, and one final. The only time she saw a final was on Free Agents. On that season she never saw an elimination.

Nany isn’t a weak competitor, but based on her stats, something is clearly lacking. There have been times when people wanted Nany on their team over objectively more successful Challengers. This is likely because she’s easy to work with, gives her full effort, and maintains composure.

As a competitor, she lacks the intensity of others. This is why she struggles in elimination. Other people enter with much more intensity and power. They’d be more likely to burn out quickly, but that seldom matters in elimination. Nany is the type of competitor who’d do much better in a final. She can maintain a decent pace for long periods of time without freaking out.

Plus, a good number of elimination losses are based on bullshit. Chair’d Remains was really a match between Turbo and Wes, and Turbo was going to win. She lost with Jonna in Snapper, which is the silliest game of all time, and Alton quit in Balls Out. That’s not to say she hasn’t gotten a lot of fair fight (Off With Your Heads is an example), but she has gotten a lot of bad elimination luck.

The real problem with Nany is her loyalty. She may be the most loyal person to play the game, and that hasn’t helped her. On War of the Worlds 2 she went down with her alliance, remaining loyal to the bitter end. Meanwhile, other competitors are much more cutthroat. They make disposable alliances for a week of safety, they stab people in the back, and they turn into snakes. Nany isn’t that type of person. She came into Total Madness working with Jenna and Kailah and everyone knew those were here allies.

War of the Worlds 2 saw Leroy betray Nany’s alliance for his own safety. This got him to a final without seeing elimination. If Nany ever wants to win, she needs to do this. She needs to make moves and throw tough competitors into elimination. This might mean she’d need to betray some people, and I don’t think she’s willing to do that. She’d rather take her strong friends to the final, but losing to a friend still makes her a loser.

I don’t think it’s impossible for Nany to win. If Dee or Ashley can win, and they have, Nany stands a chance. Those girls have also made some savage moves, and I can’t think of any intentionally malicious moves made by Nany. Loyalty only gets you so far in the game. If you look at Nany’s record, it gets you within two eliminations of the final.


  1. She’s atrocious. One of the worst contestants ever. If an MMA fighter had a 0-9 record they would be cut from the roster. She’s not cut out for any reality competition shows. Stick her where she belongs, if she must continue to be on TV: “Ex on the Beach.”

  2. I like Nany, always have. She is good looking, good natured, always brings an episode or three worth of drama, and she is not from another country. Still can’t figure out how these challenges have morphed into so many English and others, I wish they would go back to all former Real World or Road Rules cast members.

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